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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created lots of uncertainty-we hope that the mud kitchens we build give the children in our lives a smile.

by Crystal Pallets in London, England, United Kingdom

Crystal Pallets was created as a bit of a joke conceived in a pub garden one sunny afternoon!

Since then it has grown to what it is now and thanks to the aim of reducing wood going to landfill has contributed to lowering dangerous emissions going into the atmosphere.

Our mud kitchens have also eased the issues faced by many parents working from home during the global pandemic - with dozens of children now having something to inspire creative play.

Post pandemic the business will need help to reach the next stage in it’s evolution which will take awareness of environmental issues beyond our little corner of SE London to the whole of London and even further afield.

Crystal Pallets is proudly based in Crystal Palace, SE19 and the team headed up by South Londoner James Robins are keen to build on the recent successes and offer more to our clients.

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