Palestinian home reconstruction

To raise funds for building materials for Palestinian homes in the West Bank.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

According to the United Nations, 16087 Palestinian homes have been destroyed or are awaiting demolition in Area C of the West Bank since 1988.  Other NGOs suggest more than 50,000 homes have been destroyed since 1967.  This has left people homeless, displaced, separated from family members and without access to support networks and their community.   The loss of jobs and income as well as reduced access to services such as healthcare and education have led to the further entrenchment of poverty in areas of the West Bank.  Many Palestinians, especially children, suffer trauma and stress when receiving orders from the Israeli government that their homes will be destroyed and the consequences of their homes being destroyed.

I would like to raise money to help provide building materials and assistance to help a Palestinian and bedouin family rebuild their home so they can start to try and rebuild their future.  The money will go towards construction materials and labour costs.