by hopeton in London, England, United Kingdom

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1.2 Financial Needs and Use of Funds Paint-Perfect UK Ltd is seeking for funding of £,76,200 to fund capital expenditures, startup

by hopeton in London, England, United Kingdom

we are seeking   funding to startup

o create market awareness and increase demand for Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s services. To create further awareness around the corporate existence of the company and its core competence in providing the market with solution-based services. To engage in impactful marketing tools and position the company as a premium brand of choice to customer targets. Employ strategies to expand market reach locally through associations and participation in painting contracting conferences and Expo.

Start-up Assets  Cash Required  £34,300  Start-up Inventory  £15,200  Other Current Assets  £1,900  Long-term Assets  £10,000  Total Assets  £61,400 Total Requirements £76,200

Mission Statement 

To provide quality interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, and also decorating services. The company will seek to provide these services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction. 

Hopeton Simms sees each contract as an agreement not between a business and its customers, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship. This will help to provide greater long-term profits through referrals and repeat business. 

Corporate Strategy 

Focus on achieving sustainable organic growth, through profit retention. All revenues will be put back into the business with the purpose of strengthening the business activities of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd for improved patronage and high market reach. Gain market share via effective utilization of the word of mouth advantage and referral marketing. To build a business relationship with stakeholders in the painting contracting market and solidify the values and calibre of the brand. To operate professionally in a socially responsible manner. Ethically.

Develop mechanisms that support professionalism, customer satisfaction and wider market reach. 

To cultivate and safeguard the legacy and growth of the business through careful yet daring future planning and execution, allowing the company to reach new heights of operational excellence and customer base expansion. 

To ensure timely execution of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s growth plans through intended efforts to develop the products into a household brand in the global market. 

To attract, maintain and expand the customer base in the industry. 

To engage in business alliances with a view to exposing Paint-Perfect UK Ltd to business opportunities. 

To achieve a customer mix of 50% commercial/ 50% residential contracts per year. 

Marketing Objectives  Engage in marketing efforts that propel1593991312_photo-24.jpg market reach. 1593991382_jet-wash.jpgExpand marketing area (locally).Offer incentives to efforts that drive referrals to Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s service. Execute marketing plan professionally. To expand operations to include all of London

100% customer satisfaction. 

Aggressive marketing through SEO, social marketing and targeted advertising. 

Recruitment of experienced and committed workforce.  

Lowering overall costs. 

To become an active and ethical member of painting contracting community. 

To build and maintain a high reputation for excellence in the industry.  

Availability of trained, enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable personnel with answers to customer’s needs. 

Need for sufficient capital to run a business. 

1.5 Company Overview 

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s core values are driven by the desire to set a standard of quality satisfaction among its customers while operating ethically through collaborations and business relationship with core players in the industry. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd is owned and operated by experienced personnel. The head office is situated in London where decisions connected to providing painting and decorating services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction for the painting contracting market are made. The company plans to deliver exceptional customer service that retains and maintains a growing customer base in the painting contracting industry. 

Management and Staff The management is home to the best. Hopeton Simms is a deep thinker, future-forward mind, quality-minded and dynamic in business leadership. It is expected that his areas of strength would help to build the needed structure for the company to thrive in the industry. This is a United Kingdom company with Founders having the sole idea to develop Innovative products and Innovative Business ventures across the globe  

Risk Management 

The management of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd understands the challenges relating to the collections of risks connected to doing business in the painting contracting industry. It is evidenced that the activities and processes associated with this kind of business have a clear intention of applying systematic risk management techniques. Personnel working with the company would need to pay positive attention to all aspects of the day-to-day business activities and be fully cognizant with the known risks. The largest single risk is the potentiality in the emergence of new and direct competitors in the operating market. It is believed that this is a crucial reason for Paint-Perfect UK Ltd to continually improve on the quality of products and relationship with customers so that the company could be equipped for recognition even as competition increases within the niche. 

To provide a starting point for the development of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s risk assessment methodology; the following preliminary risk matrix outlines typical risks associated with doing business in the industry. 

Retaining a Loyal Customer Base 

           Retention of existing customers is always easier than finding new ones. 

           Mitigation Strategy: 

Exceed customer’s expectations and deal with issues professionally. 

Reach out and create market awareness that influences increased patronage. 

Review strategies based on feedback from current and prospective customers. 

Strengthen Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s brand through content marketing (e.g. through the blog) 

 Risk #3 - Low Barriers to Entry         Competitors could enter the market. 

 Mitigation Strategy: 

Develop a brand relationship that will inspire loyalty. 

Hire competent and experienced professionals. 

Build a community of loyal customer base. 

Be thorough and professional. 

Develop a structured feedback mechanism. 

Paint and Coatings Industry Overview 

The coatings industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, so producers have been forced to adopt low-solvent and solventless technologies in the past 40 years, and will continue to do so. The number of coatings producers is large, but most are regional producers, with only 10 or so large multinationals. Most of the large multinationals have expanded operations in fast-growing areas like China. The most noteworthy trend has been consolidation, especially among the largest producers. After a decade of steady growth, production in Asia accounts for 50–55% of the total. Production and consumption are nearly identical in each country, as trade is limited to relatively small quantities of high-value product. Generally, coatings grow in tandem with the economy, so growth will continue to focus on the developing world. 

The following pie chart shows world production of paints and coatings: 

C:\Users\Adebayo Adeola\Paints-and-Coatings-455x309.png 

The major change that has taken place in the coatings industry during the last 40 years has been the adoption of new coating technologies. These new coating technologies include waterborne (thermosetting emulsion, colloidal dispersion, water-soluble) coatings, high-solids coatings, two-component systems, powder coatings, and radiation-curable coatings. 

Coatings provide two primary functions—decoration and protection—that are of considerable economic importance. About 45% of the coatings produced worldwide are used to decorate and protect new construction as well as to maintain existing structures, including residential homes and apartments, public buildings, and plants and factories (referred to as “architectural” or “decorative” coatings). Another 40% of the coatings are used to decorate and/or protect industrial products (called “product finishes”). Without coatings, product lives might be shortened drastically and many products would not even be marketable. Most of the remaining coatings, called “special purpose,” are used for miscellaneous applications such as traffic paints, vehicle refinishing, high-performance coatings for industrial plants and equipment, and protection of marine structures and vessels. These are usually applied outdoors in ambient conditions. 

The coatings industry in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan is mature and generally correlates with the health of the economy, especially housing, construction, and transportation. Overall demand from 2016 to 2021 will increase at average annual rates of 3% in the United States and 2% in Western Europe. In Japan, however, consumption of coatings will experience relatively slow growth during this period, as a result of the lack of growth in major markets such as automotive OEM, machinery, and appliances. 

In emerging countries, coatings are growing at a much faster rate. The best prospects for growth are in China (6–7% average annual growth in the near future), India (6.6%), Iran (4–5%), Poland (4%), and Saudi Arabia (3–4%). Total global growth should be about 4% per year. On a value basis, it is likely that growth will be even higher as a result of increased production of relatively higher-valued coatings. Most of the major multinational coatings producers, including PPG, Akzo Nobel, Kansai Paint, Nippon Paint, BASF, Axalta (formerly DuPont’s automotive coatings), Chugoku Marine Paint, Valspar, Sherwin-Williams, and Hempel, have production in China. The multinational producers should gain even more presence in the developing world as living standards increase and per capita consumption of coatings rises. 

Demand in Asia continues to rise faster than elsewhere in the world, and the region now accounts for 50–55% of global consumption on a volume basis. 

Through the next five years, air pollution regulations will continue to be a driving force behind the adoption of new coating technologies. Despite the overall relatively slow growth in demand anticipated for coatings, waterborne and high-solids coatings, powders, UV curable, and two-component systems appear to have good growth prospects. 

In general, environmental regulations are becoming more stringent in all regions to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), not only in the industrialized world but also in developing countries like China. 

The coatings industry is one of the larger consumers of solvents, which are mostly derived from petrochemical feedstocks and refinery operations. The coatings industry also uses a considerable quantity of non-petrochemical feedstocks, such as pigments and additives, which are not very dependent on crude oil and gas prices. The non-petrochemical portion of the feedstocks is approximately one-third, on a volume basis. 

One new area of interest is nanotechnology, with tens of thousands of patents issued already just for the coatings industry. Very small ceramic or metallic particles can be added to paint formulations to modify specific properties (e.g., scratch, mar, wear, corrosion, and UV resistance) in highly specialized applications. The average size of nanoparticles is 10–70 nanometers, consisting of less than 6.5 million atoms. At these sizes, the ratio of surface area to mass becomes significant, giving the particles unique properties. For example, at 2 nanometers, the conductivity of metal particles changes and at 20 nanometers, the transparency of ceramic particles changes. At 20 nanometers, particles of gold turn red and their plasticity disappears. 

Some of the futuristic applications are nanotubes for electrically conductive coatings and to increase the speed of reaction of thermosetting resins; organosilane dendrimer coatings; Buckyball coatings for machine parts; and metals for conductive coatings in inks. The technology is limited mainly to highly specialized applications because of the high cost per unit volume needed to reduce the size of particles and the need to add surface modifiers to keep the particles from agglomerating. Recent research efforts have been focused primarily on functionalizing the particle surface of the nanoparticles to make them more compatible with the coating resin systems, so that easy dispersion, low viscosity, and covalent bonding between the particles and resins are achieved. 

Industry Statistics 

The paint, printing inks and wall coverings industries supply the construction, home improvement, printing, automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing sectors worth over £188 billion to UK plc. 300,000 people are directly involved in manufacturing, applying or using coatings (see the breakdown below).  Three out of every four cans of paint sold in the UK are made in the UK, and 30% of UK production is exported, making the UK a net exporter of paint. Three in five paint companies export, which is well above the average of one in five UK companies at present. 

C:\Users\Adebayo Adeola\300000 emplyed in the supply chain.JPGThe British Coatings Federation is the sole UK Trade Association representing the interests of paint, printing ink and wall covering manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. BCF's membership totals 130 companies, representing 95% of the industry, covering a wide range of small/medium-sized enterprises as well as large multi-nationals such as AkzoNobel, PPG, BASF, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Sun Chemical and Flint Group, with the greatest concentration of member companies based in the North-West of England. 

4.1 SWOT Analysis 

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd forecast its strength as the ability to respond quickly and positively to market demands. In addition to this, through a visible and dynamic marketing effort, accompanied by an effective management system, Paint-Perfect UK Ltd intends to become a force to reckon with in the painting contracting market. 

The management team’s know-how and extensive experience in the industry would help the company to penetrate the market expansively and professionally. The SWOT analysis presented below is designed to shed further light on the competitive environment surrounding Paint Perfect Ltd. 

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd is preparing to take market control in a market that has some reputable players but has limited leadership. The company will engage in a low-cost leadership strategy while maintaining a suitable level of quality. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd will work to get the service available through most online channels so that customers will see both conveniences in purchasing the product, and convenience over having to search numerous different painting contracting brands. This will serve as a marketing strategy to widen Paint-Perfect UK Ltd market share, get more sales from current clients, get back a number of clients lost and get new clients. The current alternatives in the industry are limited in both value and convenience and require significant research or misinformation prior to the service offering. By focusing first on introducing a one-stop-shop accurate service, Paint-Perfect UK Ltd will quickly establish a competitive advantage and will actively market the service line directly to customers. The Company will optimize the service quality, sales service, and operations, and thus offer prospective businesses and clients with great service from a company that is worthy of trust. 


5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary 

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would rely on multiple strategies to grow its market share. The first is superior customer service. The company shall prioritize fostering a quality business relationship with the target market in the painting contracting industry and activate measures needed to leverage its network of value to attract customers locally and globally. This is necessary to expand the customer base and broaden the company’s brand equity in the painting contracting market. The management team shall engage in effective marketing platforms necessary to command a share of the market. 

The company’s strategies shall utilize the following elements: 

Leverage - Gained via communicated benefits and guaranteed satisfaction to customers. 

Communication – develop an end-end mechanism that addresses feedbacks. 

Efficiency – Design the best of operational structure for a mutually beneficial relationship with the target market. 

Risk Management – Identify potential risks by preventing operational disruption and providing solutions to minimize interruptions. 

Continuous Improvement – Engage in continuous review of feedbacks from customers and strive to assist in the most professional manner. 

Collaboration - Establish a community of loyal customers and maximize opportunities to drive business growth locally and globally. 

Additionally, the company plans to use direct and relationship selling to reach its target market. These channels are most appropriate because of the embedded capacity to maximize time/space, reduce capital requirements and fasten access to established marketing networks. 

5.1 Marketing Strategy Summary 

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would concentrate on both short- and long-term marketing strategies. The short-term marketing strategy would help to bring about a boost in brand development and market awareness in the industry while the long-term plan caters to measures to be put in place for business growth, expansion opportunities and diversification of revenue streams. 

However, brand marketing would be the most difficult part of the marketing strategy needed to promote the brands of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd in the marketplace. This is due to the complexity of the activities connected to building brand affinity with stakeholders in the industry. It is imperatively important to communicate the brand without falling into the stereotypes of failed marketing experiments. Therefore, the management board may need to enlist the services of a PR firm to help promote the quality of the product professionally. The company may also need to develop a marketing program that creates a branded image edge over competitors.  

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall maintain a moderate level of focus on flyers, posters and outdoor ads geared towards attracting prospective customers in the operating environment. These traditional advertisements include the distribution of promotional materials in controlled circulation publications and industrial events. Online promotional Ads/awareness on social media and relevant online platforms are core towards achieving success in this realm. 

Finally, Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would register with online directories so as to be visible when searches are made online (via sites like Google, Yahoo, etc.). In summary, the company shall engage both on-site and online marketing campaigns in order to achieve a wider market reach. The marketing strategy is based on the need to generate brand awareness, ensure easy access to the line of product and position the brand for stability and growth in the painting contracting market. 

5.2 Marketing Plan 

Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall employ an integrated marketing strategy to reach its customers. The goal of the marketing plan is to create a marketing platform that would attract customers to patronize the products. The company shall maintain an intensive marketing campaign that would ensure the critical promotion of the business. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would focus on gaining brand recognition and establishing mutual business relationships in the industry. Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives.  

To develop a strong presence in the painting contracting market. 

Implement a local marketing campaign via the use of flyers and word of mouth advertising. 

Build market trust through sponsorship of events that relate to painting contracting activities 

Build image and awareness through consistency and distinctiveness in a marketing campaign. 

To create brand recognition through the exploits of the word of mouth marketing and loyalty programs. 

To help cut advertisement cost and use the most appropriate online channel targeted towards attracting potential customers. 

To remain within the letter of set laws regarding Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s business activities. 

To align the brand with the target’s expectations. 

To build loyalty amongst customers through positive third-party experience. 

The strategy is to grow the business by nurturing clients and distinguishing the products from immerging competitors’, particularly through viable operational strategy and solid business ethics. All criteria from product development to customer service are to be looked into thoroughly to ensure continuous improvements. Professional alliances and collaborations with stakeholders are to be adopted as a strategy for market penetration while training is conducted on a regular basis to ensure that staff fully meet customer’s expectations. 

Undoubtedly, the customer’s agitation on the internet will be a powerful form of promotion mainly because it is flexible enough to enable engagement with potential customers at any time. Another important determinant in utilizing the internet is the fact that potential customers typically conduct preliminary searches on companies with the right expertise and certification to proffer painting contracting services. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would be on hand to establish business relationships with these customers online. 

However, Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall develop a wholesome marketing campaign and invest in marketing activities that establish, expands and strengthen the company’s brand for greater patronage. The management board shall employ relevant marketing avenues with a focus to position the business for market share control. The company shall consider and utilize the following marketing channels and tactics.  

Figure 1: Promotions Plan 


A recent survey from Infusionsoft found the following marketing strategies to be the most effective:   

  • Word-of-mouth (62%)  

  • Email marketing (34%)  

  • Social media (23%)  

  • Print ads (8%)  

  • Pay-per-click ads (8%) 

  • 5.2.1 Online Initiatives 

    Social Media 

    A solid online presence represents an inexpensive promotional and informational strategy. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall operate social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. The social media will be used as a key tool towards promoting the brand while utilizing the widespread prospects in social media to spread information about the business activities of the company. It is expected that engaging the social media would enhance the company’s brand exponentially through its easy to use interface and referral mechanism. However, the goal of social marketing is not to make sales but to gain followers. The more followers Paint-Perfect UK Ltd has; the more people see the company’s ads when promotions are run on its social media pages. The company shall use Pay per Click (PPC) strategies to gain followers and likes and contract a full-time social media company that can handle day to day advertising/awareness on platforms as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Ad Words in order to gain media exposure.  

    Description: Description: C:\Users\gloworld\Desktop\facebook.jpgFacebook: Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall post relevant contents on a daily basis on its Facebook page including keeping followers updated on important information about the quality of the product. In order to achieve an effective social marketing campaign, it is advised that the management of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd continually launch Facebook campaign ads targeted at attracting demands.

    Public Relations: Create an extensive list of media contacts or establish a partnership with a PR firm to make at least 20 press releases about the corporate existence of Paint Perfect Ltd.  

    Description: C:\Users\gloworld\Desktop\Facebook_logo-18.jpgTwitter: Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall maximize the marketing potentials embedded on Twitter. The company will tweet relevant contents based on its marketing goals/strategy and re-tweet follower’s tweets when (e.g. # Paint-Perfecta uk ltd) is in use. The company will support followers, steer conversations and create a buzz in the space.

    Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\gloworld\Desktop\Linkedin.jpgLinkedIn: The cores of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s target market are individuals and professionals who most likely have an account on LinkedIn. The company expects that it could achieve a professional engagement on LinkedIn. Thus, Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall join research groups; discuss issues and approach experts for insightful and impactful discussions.

    Description: C:\Users\gloworld\Desktop\Blog.jpg Blog: Blogger outreach is hugely an effective strategy needed to obtain relevant backlinks back to the company. Although search engines are paying careful attention to how backlinks are obtained, legitimate backlinks still earn a lot of search engine love. Additionally, the company shall post its blog articles on a weekly basis to inform potential consumers about the products’ quality and value.

    Description: Description: C:\Users\gloworld\Desktop\Instagram.jpgInstagram: Due to the nature of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s business activities which lends itself to a lot of image contents, the company believes that Instagram or Pinterest would be very effective as other social media channels in marketing the complete line of products to consumers.

    C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Snapchat.jpg Snapchat: Snapchat is the third most popular social media platform with over 100 million daily customers. Thus, proves its viability as an effective platform for online marketing campaign. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would promote its products on Snapchat by creating filters and content around what the brand does. The company may also need to find popular Snap chatters within its niche that would genuinely be excited to help promote the brand to the target market. An easy way to jump on board a content marketing trend is to create Snapchat campaigns that are painting contracting-centred.

    Website/Mailing Effort 

    The utilization of online marketing and mail advertising would be fundamental to promoting Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s products online. However, this is not only part of the company’s core marketing channels but also one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools available today. Online marketing generally provides a cost-effective, easy to use way to reach potential customers. Therefore, the management team may need to organize a mass mailing advert campaign, send direct mails to potential targets and follow up accordingly. The company would have a mailing list and communicate prices, distribution channels, customer testimonials through this method. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would also need to utilize online marketing campaigns on sites that relate to painting contracting services. These adverts would help to reach core customers and create one-click gateway to redirect prospective customers towards the official website of Paint Perfect Ltd. 

    The company’s website is expected to serve current and potential customers alike. The website will be branded for a one of a kind, exclusive feel. The website address shall be printed on marketing materials such as pamphlets, posters, business cards, flyers and handed out or distributed to potential targets during outdoor marketing campaigns. Also, visitors to the website may input their email address to sign up for the company’s newsletters. It would avail visitors the opportunity to be alerted to new information and receive exclusive promotional incentives that may be unavailable to non-subscribers. 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

    Internet searches are by far the most common activity on the internet and therefore it is crucial to appear among top results when customers search for keywords related to painting contracting installation. The company will implement an aggressive search engine optimization strategy, whereby it will optimize contents using keywords that are peculiar to its business activities. By optimizing the website’s content, will organically aggregate higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. 

    Paint-Perfect UK Ltd will utilize Google and Bing paid search campaigns to target its customers. This will include pay-per-click campaigns that target high search volume terms so as to drive traffic to the company’s website. The ongoing protective work will include: 

    • Redirects 

    • URL mapping 

    • Navigation Canonical URL Tags

  • 5.2.2 Offline Initiatives Word-of-Mouth  

    Being a company with great prospects in the painting contracting market, it is expected that Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s further penetration in the industry would be aided via marketing strategies that have the capability to wholesomely inform prospective customers of the matrix of value in the brand. More so, the management team’s exposure to a larger social, business and industrial network would help to create further awareness about the availability of the products using the most effective marketing tools. 

    In the attempt to carve a niche and portray Paint-Perfect UK Ltd as a valuable company with a network of value in the market; word of mouth marketing may be the most effective marketing tools to be explored. Word of mouth approach would help to spread the information about the quality of the products with absolute confidence. The company shall invest in inter-personal relationships, efforts as warmth greetings and an open-ended question about how to serve customers better shall top its strategies in maximizing word-of-mouth advantage. 

    Referral Marketing 

    Positive testimonials and reviews are one of the strongest forms of advertising and can be a key decision point for potential customers considering placing demands on Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s services. Target customers are extremely inclined to discuss their experiences with friends, families and colleagues in various communities; thus, resulting in customer base expansion and global business opportunities. Therefore, a referral program shall be developed to mobilize and maximize the target market’s interest. 


    Special events would provide one-on-one interactions between the personnel of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd and participants. The company shall pronounce its brand through its marketing programs and also endeavour to participate in expo events in the operating environment. The management may offer to give speeches at events to create further awareness about the company’s business activities and affirm the circulated word of mouth advantage in favour of the brand. 

    Telemarketing Efforts 

    Telemarketing is an important alternation in the marketing communications mix that provides two-way personal communication between Paint-Perfect UK Ltd and potential customers. It is a system that combines telecommunication technology (voice, data and network) with an effective management system for a planned and controlled marketing outcome. Within the framework of the company’s marketing goals, telemarketing will become a focal point for initial contact to prospects, discussion with current customers, lead response to direct mail and additional uses. 

    The telemarketing effort will remain in effect for the entire marketing period, for it has proven to be one of the most cost-effective means of reaching prospects. Each prospect will be classified as to the level of interest demonstrated and future follow-ups are actualized through this channel. 

    Print Advertising  

    Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would consider utilizing traditional marketing techniques that work best with its business model. There will be a focus on utilizing marketing techniques such as real-world advertising including the distribution of promotional materials in strategic locations. All printed materials would have the URL of the company’s website prominently displayed. This will be especially useful because it allows potential customers access to the products anytime, via the internet. The management of Paint-Perfect UK Ltd may also develop a relationship with directories, run print ads in local area newspapers and engage in the distribution of a sizable amount of print (flyers, poster, circulars and business cards) in local communities and social environments. 

    Internal Business Development Team 

    Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would hire competent staff to see to the needs of its customers. These staffs are to be differently tasked. They are to assist in relationship management, information generation and to serve in other ways. The company shall pay its employees a percentage of the total individual customer sales. This will give room for hiring the best employees and having an in-built motivational factor that will keep them working hard and happily. 


    The company shall leverage the management team’s networks in the market to generate leads and connect with business opportunities that could increase the company’s customer base, annual turnover and business growth in the industry. 

    6.0 Lead Generation Plan 

    Leads for Paint-Perfect UK Ltd will be generated through the following means: 

    • Customer referrals. 

    • Online advertising and pay-per-click advertising on Google AdWords. 

    • Print advertising in the monthly newsletter, painting contracting magazines. 

    • Holistic marketing techniques, in summary, include the following:  Method
      Text message and email

    • Bi-monthly newsletters and seasonal promotions via constant contact 

    • Text communications Social media  

    • Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube  

    • Squeeze pages, enter to win auctions, banner ads,  

    • Search engine: yelp, manta, YP, Foursquare, Google, Angie’s List, BBB 

    • Social media management & administration, creative marketing 

    • Member and community engagement Street team marketing

    • Design a successful door knocker program Flyers and Handouts in business community Handheld signs and banners 

    • Lead boxes & VIP boxes cross-promotions with local business Internal marketing

    • Daily & weekly promotion boards 

    • Flyer and hangers in bathrooms, lobby hallway, tannin grooms, dispensers Print Media

    • Use of 3,000 to 6,000 oversized flyers & mailers monthly 

    • Local business magazines 

    • Professionally written Press release's 

    • Lead boxes  

    • Door hanger Corporate and Business  

    • Flyers and packets Business passes 6.1 Pricing Rationale
      Cost-effectiveness and value are two fundamentals that are synonymous to customer behaviours. Therefore, Paint-Perfect UK Ltd considered the peculiarity attached to each segment of the market and adopted a pocket-friendly price model that commands increasing patronage. However, the objective of setting a price target is to generate the maximum amount of profit possible and to maximize market share control in the industry. In setting the price, factors as fixed and variable costs and competitions have been considered. The pricing strategy is based on specific standards. Paint-Perfect UK Ltd followed a dynamic pricing model with a focus on increasing yield for the company. The company will neither over charge, nor charge substantially below the standard prices for the offered products. Prices are determined by the scope of the project, materials needed, wear and tear on equipment and required profit margin.
      7.0 Sales Strategy
      Paint-Perfect UK Ltd would approach sales from a salesperson-customer relationship basis. The surest way to provide value and price justification is to ensure that target customers are continuously encouraged to patronize the brand while investing in testimonies of satisfaction. The company shall sell through the following means:

    • Ecommerce website that will convert potential visitor to loyal consumers 

    • Word of mouth advantage (testimony of satisfaction) 

    • Using satisfied customers as brand ambassadors 

    • Creating an easy to use payment system to convert regular customers into recurring customers 

    • Through social media ads. 

    • Referrals 

    • Creating an opt-in freebie that gives value to customers (Promo Codes/Discounts).  The company’s personnel would be trained to offer excellent customer service in order to command repeat sales. However, in developing the company’s sales strategy, the following shall be considered: Sales Success Requires Planning - Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall formulate policies and sales strategies that aid business success. Evaluate Potential – The Company plans to step through a well-structured and detailed process that prepares its business for growth.

    • Strategize around Strengths - Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall concentrate on its strength and come up with strategies on how to improve and gain larger part of the market share amidst growing competition. 

    • Develop Tactics – The Company shall employ strategies in developing a comprehensive tactical plan to achieve sales conversion. 

    • Measure Success - Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall consistently develop key indices that will mark the progress and success of financial estimates guiding its growth. In addition, Paint-Perfect UK Retaining a Loyal Customer Base 

    •            Retention of existing customers is always easier than finding new ones. 

    •            Mitigation Strategy: 

    • Exceed customer’s expectations and deal with issues professionally. 

    • Reach out and create market awareness that influences increased patronage. 

    • Review strategies based on feedback from current and prospective customers. 

    • Strengthen Paint-Perfect UK Ltd.’s brand through content marketing (e.g. through the blog) 


    • Risk #3 - Low Barriers to Entry 

    •            Competitors could enter the market. 

    •             Mitigation Strategy: 

    • Develop a brand relationship that will inspire loyalty. 

    • Hire competent and experienced professionals. 

    • Build a community of loyal customer base. 

    • Be thorough and professional. 

    • Develop a structured feedback mechanism. 


    • will periodically benchmark its business activities against competitors’. 

    • Employ an Action Plan for Growth and Success - Paint-Perfect UK Ltd shall furnish its employees with detailed and strategic plans that align with the company's aims and objectives. 

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