Pain To Power - A Life Without Limits Documentary

by Florence Ramos in Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Pain To Power - A Life Without Limits Documentary
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Life Without Limits Documentary is aimed at raising awareness of sickle cell disease and highlight the importance of gene therapy research.

by Florence Ramos in Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom

An emotional and simultaneously inspiring journey following the life of a sickle cell sufferer and how to overcome the pitfalls of longterm illnesses and life struggles in general. A Life Without Limits outlines significance of groundbreaking live saving gene therapy treatment, what one suffer is doing to raise funds for the research and how we an all lead a life beyond limitations. 

Focused on the life of Florence Ramos, a sickle cell anemia sufferer, this documentary is set across Bedfordshire, London and Dover. Sickle cell is a genetic disease that affects mainly people of tropical descent - Africa, Caribbean, Mediterranean and India. Beginning on a picturesqe mountain-top in Bedfordshire, the opening scene metaphorically depicts the physical and emotional journey the protagonist has overcome with her life-long struggle with the illness. 

The documentary then continues to explore what sickle cell actually is, by conducting studio style interviews with a range of members of the public to see how far general knowledge of the illness extends.

Those that suffer from sickle cell have red blood cells that are unusually shaped, almost like 'sickles' or like crescent moons, due to hemoglobin abnormalities. 

When suffers experence flare-ups, described as 'crises,' they experience excruciatingly debilitating pain that can often lead to hospitalizaion and needs strong medicine to recover.  Many who have inherited the disorder allow themselves to be bound by limitations  set on them, and don't allow themselves to experience the fullness of lie. Through this story, Florence shows us that despite the fact many of her fellow sufferers have died from illness-relayted complications, you can achieve whatever your heart truly desires. 

This documentary journeys through her relative life battles but will conclude with how her life and others like hers can be prolonged  and drastically improved in the new hope of gene therapy research which has been successful in curing sickle cell disease. It will show a glispe into what Florence is doing to raise funds to support this research to see it become available in the next 5 years. 

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