PADA: A month residency to create art in Portugal

by Maria Positano in Barreiro, Setubal, Portugal

PADA: A month residency to create art in Portugal


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I got offered a studio residency for a month at PADA Studios this October; . The money from this fundraiser will help with residency costs.

by Maria Positano in Barreiro, Setubal, Portugal

Hi, my name is Maria Positano and I am a multi-disciplinary sculptor based in the UK: I am looking to raise £700 in the month of September.

I got offered a studio residency for a month at PADA Studios this October; a cultural institution which offers artists every month the opportunity for have a space to create and exhibit. The money from this fundraiser will help with residency costs, materials and, an end of residency group exhibition.

PADA is a space to engage in an international dialogue within the local contemporary art scene and its unique settings, and offers the possibility to work in a fully equipped artist studio, exhibit in a gallery and interact with their amazing network of makers and critical thinkers. PADA is located in Barreiro (Portugal) an industrial area of CUF’s Industrial Park and it is surrounded by various fabrication businesses and most of all an incredible collection of industrial ruins and abandoned warehouses. The Studios holds a very special atmosphere which I am particularly fascinated by: it feels like an alienated land –desolation, abandoned buildings in neglects, and dusty grounds. This very aspect of the land combines machines, constructions, foundations, with a new emergence of artists and makers. Furthermore, Portugal and Barreiro, (now emerging in a contemporary market as new young power) had to adapt very quickly to a fast process of industrialization, since the 1960’s onwards, and transform their artisanal traditions to adapt to a new market demand.  I am interested in exploring the cultural impact or clashes of such a history.

The money from this fundraising campaign will go towards the making of a site specific installation, responding directly to PADA’S environment and its surroundings.

I will be sourcing the materials from the land and adopting building processes which mirror the practices of constructing, deconstructing, digging, moulding. My interest evolves around employing primary materials (sand, earth, water, metal), and derived materials (cement, gravel, plaster and clay). During my stay, I will be creating a series of object which operate like tool objects (cranes or diggers), or bits of a landscape (disused walls, abandoned floors, bits of what once was a functional objects).

Where creativity germinates from the lack of something, a process of re - digesting emerges; by which mirroring and re-proposing in a different light becomes part of the creative process. The urge to construct, to search for a sense of belonging and meaning, is a response to the complex and chaotic process of self-individualization. The work would strive for stability, in an ever-changing landscape of political uncertainty, and overwhelming amounts of information around us. The individual finds himself to deal with these complexities and can’t avoid facing these topics when addressing identity and the self. 


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