Packs Of Hope
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Nearly 7,500 people sleep rough on the streets of London every year. Help Salcedo & Co hand Packs Of Hope to the local homeless.

by Salcedo & Company in London, England, United Kingdom

Have you ever seen someone who is homeless and wanted to help but didn't know how?

This is why we are launching our Packs Of Hope project so by sponsoring us you can directly help some of the most vulnerable people in London.

Nearly 7,500 people sleep rough on the streets of London every year.

We are looking to put special packs together over Christmas for the local homeless. 

Salcedo & Company are planning to hand out packs to individuals known/seen to be sleeping rough on local streets.

We all deserve to feel loved, war and thought of every day of the year but especially over the cold festive period, in which the majority are blessed to share with family and friends.

Please help us make this a Christmas they re-find their hope to see them through their struggles. Any form of donations are greatly appreciated to put these packs together.

We aim to raise £500 to create homeless survival packs, which will be given out by our team to people identified as being in need of an instant care package to survive sleeping rough over the cold festive period. 

The Pack Of Hope will contain:

  • shampoo 
  • toothbrush 
  • toothpaste
  • comb
  • body wash
  • chapstick 
  • small first aid kit 
  • thermal socks
  • hat 
  • gloves
  • light weight snacks
  • bottled water
  • blanket
  • gift voucher for food at local supermarkets

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