PackedSmart - Travel medical wallets

by Ben Harrison in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

PackedSmart - Travel medical wallets
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We aim to provide medical kits with pharmaceuticals inside to enable travel to the most remote locations easy and worry-free.

by Ben Harrison in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

As part of my job previously I would be required to travel all over the world. I have been lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful places and visit some of the most remote locations. However, I am the type of person who always gets ill when abroad, I would either inherit a dodgy stomach from eating something that doesn't agree with me or I would mistakenly drink. the water I wasn't supposed to drink and things soon turn south. 

Unfortunately for me, I would also be in a foreign country and more often than not in a remote area of the globe. This usually meant that access to  medical care of a decent standard, or access to any medical care, was not available, and so I would struggle through. I am the type of person who never took medication with me so I would never have anything to combat my ailments and all the medical kits you can purchase online are only equipped with basic first aid item. Good for cuts and scrapes but not dodgy stomachs. 

And so it dawned on me. I have been a medical officer for years, travelled the world for years and experienced these problems frequently so who is in a better position than me to put together a bespoke medical kit for this issue. This is when PackedSmart was born. 

We aim to deliver a bespoke, elegant and travel-friendly medical kit full of 16 different medications (over the counter not prescription) to enable anyone to travel to remote locations without having to worry about minor ailments and discomfort. Our medical kits will enable you to travel to locations with poor healthcare or no healthcare with ease. No longer will you have to struggle in a foreign pharmacy using google translate to try find what you need, you have it all in your kit.  

My vision for PackedSmart is for our medical kits to enable more travel to locations previously people thought maybe too remote or dangerous. To enable more of our world to be discovered by the amateur explorer with ease and safety. 

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