Package / Parcel Mailbox

by Joshua Langsford in Division No. 11, Canada

Package / Parcel Mailbox


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PACKAGE AND DELIVERY THEFT PROTECTION! Protect all your packages and deliveries with these unique mailboxes custom made to fit all packages.

by Joshua Langsford in Division No. 11, Canada


If you haven't had a package of your own disappear in the past, I'm sure you know of someone who has!

We are building these package and parcel mail boxes in hopes to slow down some of the stolen packages throughout the city???? 

Boxes are set up so that parcels and packages can be placed inside by the delivery person without having to be unlocked, and you can retrieve the package at your own convenience from the locked compartment. 

We plan to stop all those petty front door thieves with thes unique boxes on every door step! 

No more stolen items.

Let's make 'Package / Parcel Mailbox' happen

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