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by Colin Stevenson in Glasgow, , United Kingdom

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The project will show people how to be resilient and have the understanding of their own mental health, without judgement or force.

by Colin Stevenson in Glasgow, , United Kingdom

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Hi, my name is Colin Stevenson, I'm 39 years old from Glasgow.

In 2017 I invested a lot of time and money in to wanting to help people, as I have a very natural approach in understanding others. I learned how to use the top personality profiling system and wished to take it into as many institutions as I could, beginning with the care sector and ex-forces development.

I had the drive and determination to knock on doors, make calls and arrange meetings with people, from service staff to government level. I was doing well and making an impact on those who wished to listen, although I found that people DID NOT like to admit that current systems were possibly harmful and/or unhelpful.

Was this white knight syndrome wanting to change the world, or was it me being a visionary and seeing true possibilities? I didn't feel disheartened, although I did feel that there was something missing.

I was met with the most humble of American scientists John Lenhart on LinkedIn and he asked me what my definition was for an article that I'd written. I explained my definition and he told me I was wrong, so I did the natural thing to me and asked how I could be right... this allowed him to give me the non-contractionary definition to help me moving forward.

The next conversation was the life-changing one... he asked what I did and I explained, he asked me if I realised I was not helping people and instead of arguing, I asked him to show me how I was wrong and how I can change! I was NOT ready for the answer!

The personality is created through our experience and is situational, this means it can be changed in a split second if we were going through another experience! I was following 'psychology' and putting people together (the same as everyone else) based-on what they put on as a mask and not WHO THEY WERE! For instance, I could be in work today and be fine, I could go home and find out I lost a family member to illness... would it be fair to treat me the same as you did the day before?

I then found out (with proof) that we gain energy unconsciously and not consciously by remaining focused all the time we burnout! I also found out we can energise people with simple interactions based-on WHO THEY ARE and not just how we want to treat them. We are programmed from a young age to speak to people the way we wish to be spoken to, would that mean we don't take in to consideration that everyone is unique or expect everyone to be the same as us?

Did you know that the biological male and female brain process differently? This is the main reason for breakups and poor communication in relationships? I didn't either... once you know, life changes when it is explained.

Long story short, I stopped trading as I did not wish to be the cause of others unhappiness, regardless of my intention and I began learning about the ONLY model for the mind and the brain IN THE WORLD, I now help people live life in flow, stop burnout and inevitably gain energy daily.

I also realised, its not about changing the institutions, its about helping all people create a new world within themselves, meaning they are in control of who they are, how they think, react, respond and act... we cannot control what's outside.


Psychology works on effects and diagnosis, there is a major need for psychology. Would people not be better off knowing the cause of their poor mental health so they can dissolve it, rather than a diagnosis they have to live with and feel they cannot move forward?

Psychology comes in 10 stages, we are taught stages 3-10. We look at behaviour (effects) feelings (effects) and then try and fix the effects with more effects, to create more effects... its a never ending cycle!

What is the first cause?

The first cause is how a human brain processes a situation or a trauma.

100 people in a street, they all witness a traumatic situation, how can 90 people move on with their life and 10 be affected badly? Some can be PTSD, but the truth of the matter is, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE  PROCESS THINK AND COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY! There is nothing in the world that is like what we have and enough is enough with everyone sitting back and watching others suffer.

We are POSITIVE there is no other model in the world that is able to determine the uniqueness of a human being, how their brain processes and how they gain energy. It truly is amazing and it has been proven thousands of times in the last 4 years. 27 years of research, 12 years working in America and 4 years in the UK for us to know it is, without fail, the best chance for humanity in ALL walks of life. I alone helped over 160 people, in under two years, come off antidepressants and antipsychotics  and grow within their daily life to remain off of them.

Psychology is not wrong, we just have the information to help people to do it better than what is currently being done.

There is up to a year to see a psychologist or mental health expert on the health service, many people cannot afford a therapist or coach and the world is getting worse instead of better... We have the proven answer!


I propose an app, with information to allow people to understand their uniqueness and how they process situations, as well as that of others, how to understand and overcome trauma, how to interact according to their uniqueness and others, but most of all... HOW TO DO LIFE ON PURPOSE AND LIVE IT WELL!

It will be broken into sections, so people can watch the information that is unique to them and answer questions to ensure they are retaining the information. We will show people how to be accountable for themselves and at the same time, detach from unsightly forces around them that affects their happiness with full step by step instructions, rather than theory.

There will be monthly lives, fresh content updates and all straight to the phones in the pocket of those who download, so that learning time can be flexible.

If you were living in a house with no furniture, heating or food and I offered you the winning lottery tickets so that you can feed, cloth and house yourself and those around you, would you take the numbers if it was a guarantee??? The app would have the same guarantee with peoples mental health and would be life-changing to ANYONE who was to download it, learn about themselves, while following simple instructions on how to gain energy daily.

John Lenhart and I, during the pandemic, spent a year doing free content  on Youtube, we gave the information and put it out there for anyone to watch. We didn't advertise, but we knew that we would have to have proof we knew what we are talking about, before making a plan as to how we wanted to move forward and here is: 

Truth in the 2020's Youtube channel

115 videos with Me- Colin Stevenson and John Lenhart, with a couple of others to help explain the who's, why's and how's...

I currently assist John Lenhart's company in the USA called Flowcess: Flowcess and their research and I am head consultant for with Gordon Smith.

If you could be a part of a new, proven movement that will change the world, would you?

We ask you to please help us create this for those in mental crisis, minimise suicide and help survivors of abuse and trauma, even people with PTSD, anxiety and depression move on... ON PURPOSE!

I can guarantee that this will help millions of people, not in the usual way people try, but in a way nobody has ever seen. The people give millions to charity, but the world is getting worse? 

This app will ensure people go inside for help and not outside, we will give them to do's that will energise their lives and teach healthy habits, that means the future will never look like the past... EVER!

Please help reach the target and help as many people help themselves, let's GO!

If you require any information, please email me: [email protected]

I look forward to this journey with you all and thank you in advance.



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