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by Your Voice, Brighton in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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Establish a service that provides peer support groups, and social activities, for women affected by poor Mental Health.

by Your Voice, Brighton in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I’m a Brighton girl, born and bred, and although I love in Cornwall now, my roots are still strong in Brighton with all my friends and family still there.

Two years ago I launched an organisation that supports women’s Mental Health, across Cornwall. Since we began we have gone from strength to strength; with our services including offering fortnightly peer support groups.

The groups are completely confidential, informal and non judgemental. They offer a space for women to connect and chat about their Mental Health (and everyday stuff) in a setting that isn’t a formal therapy or counselling session. The keyword for our groups is ‘relaxed!’

One of our Cornish venues- a cosy space for peer support and connection.

The groups are held by facilitators who volunteer for our organisation and aren’t not necessarily ‘Mental Health Professionals.’ Instead, they may or may not have some informal Mental Health training - including Mental Health First Aid, and Suicide Intervention Training. Their role is to hold the group and ensure all members feel safe, comfortable and have a chance to chat as much, or as little, as they feel able.

1626281458_c8288168-8cfb-40fe-8c27-0f86646fbaed.jpegI want to bring our services to Brighton. The pandemic has left a huge mark on the wellness of so many people, and Brighton (much like Cornwall) has a lack of services and resources. The ones in place are stretched and I believe that Your Voice, Brighton could make a huge difference.

With our peer support groups, as well as social events to help strengthen connections and encourage confidence, women could have access to a relaxed support network.

This is where we need you..

Groups and activities all cost money. Venues require hire fees, refreshments cost money  and this is without the admin costs that are associated with running a support organisation.

So, we’re asking you to donate. We know times have been tough for so many, and finances are stretched but.. if you can help us, please do. A quid.. a fiver… ten.. whatever. Every single penny will help us to bring this organisation together and offer these vital services.

Please also share our CrowdFunder/social media pages/etc.. awareness is everything and the more people who know about us, the more we can help.

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