YouOS - Short Film

by Eclipse Entertainment in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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A 15 minute Science fiction/drama short film.

by Eclipse Entertainment in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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The Story

YouOS is a drama set in the near future which follows Debbie Edwards, a progressive politician and the Leader of the Opposition. Debbie is suffering greatly in the polls ahead of the upcoming election, no thanks to deliberate bad press and scathing character assassinations in the media. Facing down near-certain defeat, Debbie’s last hope of salvaging her campaign is her final speech and conference before Britain decides the week following. However, during this all-important speech, a hacker named Kara from Plumefield slums is hired to sabotage Debbie’s speech to put the final nail in her election hopes’ coffin through the use of YouOS- a neurological interface that is affixed directly onto the brain’s temporal lobe and hippocampus to connect with friends, social media and much more globally at the speed of thought. In the aftermath of the hack, Debbie begins to have suspicions that the attack was not entirely unprovoked and that those around her may not have her best interests at heart.

We want to create a film that is full of drama that draws you into the world we’re creating, that is relatable for our audience in its reflections of real-world issues, and one that wont feel too far-fetched through the way we portray technology of the near-future and the strict rules it follows. We believe in this story whole-heartedly and have spent countless hours working on and critiquing the script so it will be the best it possibly can be. 

How we’ll use your donations

Our aspirations and expectations for this project and ourselves as a crew is to create a film that operates at a higher-calibre than one that would typically be expected of a student-made short film.

Your donations will allow us to be able to shoot in the best-suiting locations, to concentrate on props, costume and set dressing down to the very smallest of detail which will elevate the overall production quality of the film. These details are often overlooked on projects of this scale, mainly due to a lack of budget, but your donations will allow us to bring our settings, characters and overall vision to life.

There are a few specific locations that we have in mind, for example the closing scene of YouOS takes place in Debbie’s personally chauffeured vehicle. For this we want to hire a vehicle that we feel would best suit someone of Debbie’s position.

Your donations also mean that we will be able to cover the expenses of our talented cast who have been kind enough to give up their time to help us make YouOS a reality. 

A budget would also allow us to enter into an array of film festivals. Anybody who makes a film that they are immensely proud of, having lived and breathed it for the majority of a year wants it to be seen by as many people as possible and we are no different. We are generally targeting festivals that have lower admission fees but we want to enter into as many festivals as possible to give it the most exposure possible.

Finally, donations will be used to purchase essential COVID-19 testing kits, hand sanitiser and face masks to keep the cast and crew safe throughout the entire filming process.

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