Yorkshire 3 Peaks for Nepal

by Sophie and Alex in Knutsford, England, United Kingdom

Yorkshire 3 Peaks for Nepal


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We want to fundraise to help a small charity in Nepal with the effects and impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We will climb the Yorks3peaks

by Sophie and Alex in Knutsford, England, United Kingdom

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Alex and I travelled to Nepal in March 2020 to climb the Himalayas just before the world went into widespread lockdowns. We went with a charity, Chhahari Nepal. Khyam is the chairman of the charity and Alex has known Khyam over the last 11 years as he first went out to Nepal 11 years ago to work for the charity. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken control of so many lives and in places like Nepal, it is some of the worst hit. They don't have the technology or resources to track, measure and control the virus like we do in the UK and access to medication, hospital beds and oxygen is limited.

Khyam has informed us that things are bad, oxygen is running out, people are afraid of visiting the hospital due to infection, mortality rates are higher. The Government is refusing to pay for covid tests and treatment, people have to pay themselves, poor people are not going testing themselves for COVID as they cannot afford to, most people in hospitals are dying due to poor treatment.

Khyam lost his father in law earlier in the year and now his own father has COVID and they cannot get him into ICU so he remains at home in isolation with Khyam having to care for him. His oxygen level is dropping and there is no oxygen available. Khyam is injecting his father himself with any drugs they can get to help. It has been 20 days like this. 

This of course isn't the only story, Khyam tells us that many Nepalese people are dying due to oxygen availability - Even in hospital, there is no oxygen. The country is in crisis. Khyam feels like, as a social worker he should be able to help but there is nothing he can do. He is fundraising as much as he can with businesses that he knows and speaking to people like Alex and I to try and get as much help in fundraising to help out the Nepalese people.

The charity itself does not have a charity number like the UK does so I have had to set up a page on this crowd funder to raise as much money as we can so that I can send it to Khyam and the charity! If anyone can help in anyway it would be so gratefully received.

We are climbing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks on June 12th (I hope the weather gets better!) This will be around 24 miles! It's a toughy and if its anything like the last marathon walks I have done it will be hard work, not only due to the distance, but especially with the 3 massive hills/ peaks!

Thank you so much in advance for supporting such an important cause!

The charity website is: www.chhaharinepal.org.np 

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