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by Yolanda Charles' Project PH BAND in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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To record and release an album to capture the eclectic sound of my band Project pH - Funk/Rock/Jazz Fusion/RnB via download or physical CD.

by Yolanda Charles' Project PH BAND in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 2nd July 2022 we'd raised £5,665 with 92 supporters in 57 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I love RnB, Funk, Blues, Rock & Jazz; including the fusion of all of these different styles of music and have done since I can remember. As a musician, I’ve always sought out a similar feeling to the one I had as a child - losing myself in the music and only coming up for air when the record ended.

The ‘business’ of making music has affected what kind of music is made and who gets support from the industry. That consideration of ticket sales or what is currently popular or what will sell influences the quality of what we hear. The music I grew up listening to was made from the heart - often the music many of us love is from decades past, perhaps because of the beauty of genuine human expression being so very present.

Project PH play from the heart. We write and arrange, but no two shows are ever the same. We play through our arrangements on cues from me as the bandleader, following wherever our soloist takes us, and sometimes I'm transported similarly to when I was a child, becoming lost in the moment during a performance whilst experiencing pure joy.

I see recordings as promotion - they are fixed moments in time that we come to love, but to me, they are an advertisement to invite the listener to come and see musicians live, where magic happens nightly and a show always offers something unique and surprising. We hope to get our music heard by as many people as possible by releasing some of those moments in time as captured on record, but also to inspire the listener to come and join us at a live show to witness this band doing what we love. Recording live in the studio, we do what comes naturally every time we play together.

With the fast-changing record business plus technological changes, we find ourselves at an advantage as independent artists with access to platforms enabling us to share our music widely, but it's also a time that requires most musicians to seek funding for our music to be heard. Your participation in this endeavour will help to create something that means so much to the whole band. We all contribute to the forming of our sound, we are a real band as in the days of old.

I'm so excited to make music with this lineup of musicians all of whom excel on their instruments and feel like family. Kim Murray - guitar, Laurie Lowe - drums, Hamish Balfour - keyboards, Adeola Shyllon and Paris Ruel - vocals, plus special guest Roberto Manzin - saxophone all thank you for your support and we hope to see you at a live show very soon!

Yolanda :)


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Your support will be publicly acknowledged for all time with your name featured on the CD inlay sleeve. Because of your support the Project PH debut album "ACID FUNK" will exist! (You'll also receive a signed CD album - Release date TBC)

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FLY on the WALL studio session

Come and spend an afternoon watching the band record live in the studio! Based in Redhill Surrey you can enjoy the comforts of a great studio space, whilst watching and listening to the recording and creative process. The band always record live and overdub vocals afterwards. Yolanda produces the sessions and the whole band creates the sound as a tight & efficient unit.

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Feature in our music video

We will be shooting a music video to promote the 1st single. You can be in the video... dancing or just walking by - you choose! It'll be a fun day whatever we do - (location TBA likely to be LONDON based shoot). If you can't make the dates in our schedule - your invitation will stay open-ended for the next shoot or you'll be offered access to a recording session/soundcheck + live show in exchange)

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Album launch & aftershow party

Come to the album launch performance. Come to the soundcheck, and hang out with the band. Watch the live show, receive a signed CD and stay to party afterwards...if you can keep up!

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House concert for you.

A trio/4 piece version of the band will come and perform for you in your home for 1 hour on a date of your choice.

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