From a short film to a global peace movement.

by Fabian Villa in Colombia

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Discover the details and the life of a filmmaker whose soul mission is to turn a short film into a global peace movement

by Fabian Villa in Colombia

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Discover the details of this magical real-life story with its protagonist, Fabián Villa. 

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Immerse yourself in the secrets and magic that drive this incredible life mission.

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Yellow, Blue, and White, the reason why:

I'm proud to launch this giveaway with the purpose of raising funds to bring to life the mission of my soul: to turn an amazing shortfilm into an epic real life cinematic opera based on true events.

It's the story of a filmmaker who, when asking for an idea to heal his country, received the seed that would turn a beautiful short film into a national transformation movement with the potential to change the history of the entire world.

Our mission is to weave peace in Colombia, creating a reality brimming with abundance and harmony, driven by art, culture, and education, elevating the collective consciousness of an entire nation to inspire humanity to see the power of love.

The keys to this story are forgiveness, reconciliation, and freedom from the pain of war and the effects of scarcity, building bridges toward a future full of freedom to dream in peace.

This is the story of my life, and I would love to share the details and intimacy of this dream with the winner of this giveaway and with all of humanity.

The funds will be allocated to give the green light to the action plan to turn this dream into a Cinematic Journey of real life.

Fabi Villa
Leader of Yellow, Blue, and White.
A national transformation movemen

From Red to White:


In Colombia, the color red in the flag is deeply associated with the idea of war, violence, scarcity, poverty, and limitation. Changing the color red has the power to transform how we perceive ourselves as a society and how we project ourselves. We are a country abundant, rich, diverse, with a great culture, and with an exceptional gift to share with the world. And we will achieve this by creating a future from a blank canvas that represents the privilege of dreaming from peace.

About my Journey:
Art, social transformation, and the universal message of love in spirituality:


The privilege of studying Art, Film, and Media

At the beginning of my professional career, I had the privilege of studying Art, Film, and Media, In that context, I gained knowledge about how Media expressions have the power to transform and impact culture on a massive scale. Simultaneously, this journey allowed me to explore the root causes hindering my country from realizing its inherent potential. I envisioned a nation abundant in culture, resources, and well-being, poised to share its richness with the world. This realization sparked my revolutionary spirit, compelling me to address the collective wounds in our memory and pave the way for a renewed consciousness and the creation of a reinvigorated society.


The experience of being a teacher.

At the beginning of my professional life, I had the experience of being a teacher. There, I formed teams with wonderful students and witnessed how art can inspire, motivate, and transform the lives of those who decide to use this beautiful tool to expand the horizons of their true potential. Together, we overcame obstacles, achieved great accomplishments, and experienced the satisfaction of being rewarded and recognized for our efforts. At that moment, I saw the potential of culture as a tool for social transformation.


The Birth of a Spiritual Revolutionary

At a certain point in my life, my soul called me to embark on an adventure, to explore the territories of my country, and to learn about the ancestral cultures of Colombia. From that setting, I embarked on a spiritual quest in search of the ultimate answer for understanding the true meaning of Yellow, Blue, and White.

In that moment, I understood that Love is the ultimate message of every spiritual culture in the world, and that today we are the first generation with the opportunity to unite based on what genuinely makes us human and transcend the differences that have always separated us.

Here, I connected with my inner power, with the value of brotherhood and communities. I received support from great mentors in various areas of human development, and I had a great time hosting adventure trips in Colombia for amazing people from all over the world.

At this point, I decided to become a spiritual revolutionary, to lead a great movement of national transformation in service to Colombia and humanity.

Here, Fabi Villa Free is born.

About Me, Fabi Villa Free:


I am a visionary and a passionate dreamer, certain to have life's support to turn impossible ideals into achievable goals.

My life is an intense journey, and that's why I love connecting and drawing inspiration from wonderful people worldwide, coming together in joy, freedom, and brotherhood to make life a stage of high well-being in peace.

In this exciting crowdfunding campaign, I sow with the intention of action, a significant step toward achieving a grand mission to turn life into a magical reality, abundant, harmonious, and in the light of peace to dream.

I invite you to join this adventure, on this path to see beyond and enjoy the expansion of our true potential.

Where are we today?


At this moment, Yellow Blue and White is a project with conceptual clarity and an action plan to be developed.

Today we know that:

1 - We are a national transformation movement for Peace in Colombia.
2 - We are an autonomous country brand, a company that creates high-value products and services from Colombia for the world.
3 - Our business model is designed to generate impact and empowerment processes for social transformation with multiple communities in our nation and in collaboration with multiple communities abroad.
4 - We have a great core team and a clear, defined action plan to move towards the achievement of our goals.
5 - When dreams are defined and have a burning desire to be realized, opportunities present themselves.
6 - What many call luck, I call the art of moving forward with the awareness of success.

What's coming:


This is the action plan:

  • Reactivate our high-performance team.
  • Create the media strategy (Social media, marketing, web).
  • Develop the business model.
  • Execute the business plan.
  • Launch the brand and the project across multiple platforms.
  • Enjoy the journey, face the challenges, and celebrate the opportunities that arise in the exploration of this great dream.


Sharing and creating with Fabi has been a pleasure. Fabi has a great ability to blend playfulness and professionalism, both at the same time, in any project or initiative aimed at generating a positive impact on society. He has a lot of creativity and communication skills, and it's a pleasure to work with him -

Amarillo, Azul y Blanco seems like a loving and revolutionary project. It's beautiful to see initiatives like these seeking to promote the best of the country and bring a message of peace for the world to witness Colombia's rebirth into a new era of prosperity, love, development, and connection. Movements like this are the ones that make a difference


Héctor Delgado, Coach and Project Manager for Mindvalley in Spanish.
IG - Héctor Delgado 


I had the pleasure of meeting Fabi through a Mind Valley event in Cartagena in 2023, and from the moment we connected, I was captivated by his magnetic energy and indomitable spirit. Fabi possesses a heart filled with boundless desire and ambition, and it is evident that he is destined to leave a lasting legacy for humanity.

Fabi's dream and calling on this planet are nothing short of inspiring. His mission is to bring about a positive change that will alleviate poverty and suffering for the people of Colombia. What struck me most was his unique vision to redefine the Colombian flag by introducing the color white in place of red. This symbolic change, according to Fabi, represents a transformation that will bring light and limitless opportunities to the entire country.

Fabi's noble desire to uplift his fellow Colombians is truly commendable and deserves the support of anyone who believes in the power of visionary change. Witnessing the genuine passion with which he shares his vision, it is clear that Fabi's goal goes beyond personal success – it is about positively impacting the hearts and lives of the Colombian people.

What touched me deeply was the overwhelming response from countless individuals who have rallied behind Fabi's cause, ready to contribute in any way possible. It is a testament to the authenticity and resonance of his mission. I wholeheartedly support Fabi's vision, and I am incredibly proud to know someone with such unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Fabi is not merely a dreamer; he is a doer with a vision that has the potential to transform lives. I encourage everyone to join me in supporting Fabi's mission, as together, we can contribute to the positive change that Colombia so rightfully deserves.

Irina Haydon
CEO of Power Full Life Products LLC - Orlando FL

Last year, I had the opportunity to meet Fabi at a business event with many entrepreneurs from all over the world, and I was captivated by his energy. Now, with his project yellow, blue, and white, I believe he will be able to transform the lives of many people. I hope that those who join this purpose-driven project can make a difference together. I am confident that it will be so.

Fabi has a big heart to serve and a desire to transform humanity, which is something that few possess today. Only a few leaders truly make a difference and Fabi is a leader in action and passionate about his dreams.


Luis Abanto. Coach and mentor for entrepreneurial leaders.
IG - Luis Abanto

In times of big challenges, big answers come up.

I strongly believe we all have a life mission, a purpose we can serve with our talents, gifts, and community.

The time for visionaries who envisioned a better world is calling for doers to put it into action.

And that's where the essence of sharing this dream lies: I believe this transformation speaks the language of empowerment, communities, and relationships in the real world and its digital scenarios to transform the world. For me, it's been an eye-opening experience to open the doors to this opportunity; I already feel rewarded, I've learned a lot from the project in the process of activating it on this platform.

I think crowdfunding campaigns are a valuable space to create from a capacity and autonomy that are only obtained by working together.

I appreciate for being a bridge of possibilities, and you for your contribution and for reading this far.

You can learn more about me and my adventure towards discovering my life mission at:

Linkedin - Fabi Villa
IG - Fabi Villa


Fabi Villa 🍃

Leader of Yellow, Blue, and White. 💛 💎 🕊 Corporation for the social transformation of Colombia.
Yellow,Bue and White Facebook.

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