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by Wycliffe School Garden Project - Phase 2 in Shipley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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The exciting transformation of the green space at Wycliffe school continues. Phase 2 will develop the wildlife area and install a canopy.

by Wycliffe School Garden Project - Phase 2 in Shipley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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As you may know already CAPOW (carers and Parents of Wycliffe) have been transforming the green space at school so it becomes an amazing space for children to grow their own food, play, learn and reflect in the natural environment. We have done this by dividing the space into three areas. The first area is an edible garden, the second is a reflection and recreation space with a willow tunnel and trim trail, and the final third is a wildlife education area. With the challenges of the past 2 years, we feel that it is even more important than ever to give the children the freedom of this outside space.

Why will it make a difference to our children?

Having a fully functioning outdoor learning space and edible garden has many benefits to our children. These include connecting with nature, physical activity, relaxation, learning new skills, nurturing creativity and encouraging healthy eating. 

What’s happened so far?

In 2020, despite the pandemic and restrictions, we successfully completed the Edible Playground project in the first 2 thirds of the garden. Since returning to school the children have enjoyed using the space and learning about growing their own food.  

What children have said about using the garden:

‘we went out and dig holes to put the potatoes in..I was happy to plant things and that we’ll see them growing..’

‘It felt nice to be active and get outside for a bit, it was a change from sitting in the classroom’

‘We had a great time playing in the willow tunnel and running around in the garden’

What are the plans for the future?

Whilst we have achieved great things, there is still some work to be done. We still need to find funding for the wildlife area in the final third of the green space. We initially thought this would cost in the region of £10,000, however we have been working in partnership with B.E.E.S (http://www.bees-ymca.org.uk/) who have offered a combination of paid and voluntary work, to help us complete the wildlife section of the green space whilst also keeping the costs to a minimum. The work will include reinstating the pond area, new paths laying, bird boxes and wildflowers and the installation of a large canopy which will allow the space to be used throughout the year. 

The total cost for this is £2,000

What we need? 

With Covid restrictions still in place, we have been unable to run our usual fundraising activities, throughout the year. We did however, manage some very popular ice cream sales at the back end of the summer term! We also gave out 50 Treasure trails for families to take part in over the summer holidays, with a suggestion that donations were made to this Crowdfunder rather than paying for the treasure map. 

We currently have £1000 held from previous fundraising campaigns so we now need to raise a further £1000 in order to cover the final costs of the greenspace and we’re hoping to meet these costs with this Crowdfunder page. 

How can you help?

If you are able to, please make a donation to the Crowdfunder and/or forward the link onto others.

Also, if you know of any businesses who might want to make a donation or match fund, or grants and trusts who may be interested in supporting, please let CAPOW know. 

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