New Teaching Concept For Pre-School The SMART Way

by New concept in teaching our youngest generations across the UK in Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom

New Teaching Concept For Pre-School The SMART Way


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Teaching young children through Characterised Speaking Dispenser Stations & Washroom Sentinels

by New concept in teaching our youngest generations across the UK in Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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My name is Stephen Etherington.

Due to Covid19, I was made redundant from my job as senior sales manager for a well-known office equipment manufacturer.

I set up i4-tech Ltd November 2020 to look at technologies that will help prevent another global pandemic. 

Having built some great partnerships with inventors, tech companies and hygiene specialists, I have brought to market the worlds first speaking sanitiser dispenser station that actually reminds young children to sanitise/wash their hands when approaching the terminals, but in a fun and exciting way.

The importance of "Clean Hands Hygiene"needs to begin in our primary schools, Kindergartens, Nurseries etc, My innovative collaboration with various suppliers has allowed me to create the i4-tech-SMARTPole. The worlds first characterised speaking dispenser terminal.

My characterised Sanitiser dispenser stations will provide children will friendly  messages to prompt them to sanitise more often by recognising each station as a character, not a dispenser,  in addition there will be story telling books to be read out by the teachers to get the children familiar with each character.  

I am looking to promote the importance of  “Clean Hands Hygiene” to children in nursery, primary & infant education, and I think I may have the answer to promote this very important message to children's education all over the world. Our talking Sanitiser Station,  can actually ask children to sanitise their hands before entering the school or classroom, in character.

our Characters are always getting into trouble in the story telling books, but will welcome the school children into the school with a comforting message such as "Hi kids, welcome back to school, and don't forget to sanitise those hands before going to the  classroom"

 Our intention is that friendly Zoo patrol characters will welcome young school children into schools with warm comforting voice messages followed by a request for the children to sanitise their hands. With the addition of the optional SD card fitted into the sentinel, schools can also use the station as an information terminal too, in addition to a welcome/sanitising message the school can record personalised messages, such as school events and even allowing the children to join in.

Our Characterised Sanitiser Sentinels include a wall mounting back plate showing other characters in the series for school washrooms etc…. "Hi,  its Peter the rabbit, don t forget to wash your hands before leaving the washroom"

 Our solution will develop into a variety of characters, backed up with children’s books telling stories of the characters, to be shared with the children as they learn about “Clean Hands Hygiene” along with other safety related stories, .

 I will be promoting this solution to organisations who can help take this product to the global education market, bringing a fun and friendly approach to “Clean Hands Hygiene & Safety” for children around the world.



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Create your own Zoo Patrol Character

Pledge £1500 and we will create your own character book to join the Zoo Patrol team and include your child's voice as one of the characters. Your character will be included in the series of books and voice overs. with Royalties paid on each book sold globally. This Character could be in your child s name and signed by the author. offering help to children all over the world

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Parents Together - Sponsor Your local Nursery.

Why not invest in your Childs Nursery. Parents Together - Support your local Nursery. 20 Parents sponsoring their Nursery with £25.00 each can provide this solution for their children. Provide the details and we will contact your chosen nursery and provide a Free Supply of SMARTPole and Installation.

£1,000 or more

Voice over Zoo Patrol Character

Pledge £1500 and you can have your child produce a voice over message to be professionally studio recorded, for one of the Zoo Patrol Characters. Your child's voice could be messaging children all over the UK.

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