Wulla Presents..'The Rookie' Crochet Cushion Kit

by Caz Davies in Bletchley, England, United Kingdom

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Make a simple statement crochet cushion cover using hand spun and hand dyed yarn from Wulla.

by Caz Davies in Bletchley, England, United Kingdom

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On the 5th June 2020 we'd raised £1,609 with 31 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

I have designed this project to help me invest in some of the start up costs involved with launching a new project....By reaching our first target this means i can invest money into producing a beautiful and inspiring kit which will get you making and creating.

Pushing our funding goals higher means I can start re investing more money into Wulla as a business. This means new colourways of yarns, new patterns and kits; and an opportunity to revamp to the website, putting WullaMakes at the centre of my business! I believe in the power of making...I hope you can help...  

WullaMakes presents...

'The Rookie' Crochet Cushion

A Love Affair with Super Chunky Yarn...

I'm Caz and I'm the maker behind Wulla. I design and make yarn and specialise in big, bold, super chunky yarns with attitude! With this project I am hoping to inspire you with the amazing world of handmade super chunky yarns!

Where it all started...?

The idea for this project has grown out of a love affair with chunky yarns. I started making yarn about 7 years ago when I struggled to find the kind of yarns I wanted to use readily available at craft fairs or shops. I took a short course in Handspinning, bought my own spinning wheel that week and never looked back! Before long I was experimenting with colour and texture. Check out my handles @wullayarn on IG, FB and pinterest for a feel of what I can do...

Left: Cream with Black

Right: Pink with Light Grey

Chunky yarns have a textural allure which add another dimension to fibrecraft projects. They are easy to use and handle, especially of you are new to crochet and give plenty of bang for your buck. Compared to traditional styles of yarn, you can whip through a project in no time, a definite bonus when you are new to a craft and want a bit of instant gratification. Even the most ardent of crocheters can get bored or waylaid in a project and need something a little different to peek their interest...

Why Kits and why now....?

Getting people inspired to use chunky yarns has been an ongoing mission, since I started Wulla, my handmade yarn brand 4 years ago. I want to show that yarn is for everyone, that there is a really contemporary and forward thinking way to craft that appeals beyond the traditional styles that might appeal to a new or different audience. I see WullaMakes as the vehicle to be able to do that. To design exciting, contemporary kits and projects that inspire us all to get making!

This project is to help make 'The Rookie' Cushion Kit a reality. Suitable for beginners through to the more experienced crocheter, this kit will get you creating beautifully simple, chunky crochet covers using handmade yarn.

As an independent maker and designer, getting the 'The Rookie' Crochet Kit into production requires a little bit of start-up help. By pledging to the project, you can bag yourself a reward of being one of the first people to get hold of this kit. In return, I have the financial help I need to get production moving by ordering in materials and engaging some professional help for pattern development, graphics and photography. This means you will get a tip top project to get stuck into, and I can begin the process of launching the product online later in the year!

 Pink with Light Grey

In this kit, I wanted to marry together the textural appeal of chunky yarns with an accessible form of crochet...traditional crochet turned on its head a little. These cushion covers are constructed using a technique of encapsulating a chunky yarn, within a stitch. I discovered it several years go from the amazing designer, Sarah Shrimpton, a pioneer of using chunky yarns. Straight away i knew, it was a perfect technique to show off my range of chunky yarns, and would be a perfect gateway for beginner or experienced crocheters alike wanting to dabble with big yarns.

Pink with Light Grey, Neon Kisses with cream, Light Grey with Neon Yellow

'The Rookie' cushion uses is deceptively simple pattern, using a standard 4ply weight yarn, worked in the round with a commonly used 4mm crochet hook. 

The chunky yarn you will be using is called 'Superphat' a 100% Merino wool handspun yarn totally handmade by me. The king of wool fibres, merino has been long prized for its soft and silky appeal. I spin it by hand on my spinning wheel in one luscious glorious single yarn. No one batch of this natural product is the same, and adulates with texture and bounce. 

Its paired with a hand dyed 4 ply weight yarn, dyed by hand in my small studio here in Milton Keynes. Combined together they give a rich and lustrous feel, to this simple and beautiful crochet technique.


Cream with Black

I have provided different options for pledges to support this project. It might depend whether you are an experienced crocheter and have your own hook and or cushion pad, or you are new to crochet or plan to give it as a gift. The options include:

The 'Rookie' Yarn Pack 

This Includes:

-'The Rookie' Crochet Cushion Pattern.

-250g Wulla Superphat Chunky Handmade Yarn (colour optional)

-100g Custom hand dyed 4 Ply Yarn (colour optional).

'Rookie' Yarn Pack plus Cushion Pad

As the name suggests this includes the Basic Yarn Pack plus a 50cm x 50cm Hollowfibre Cushion Pad.

The 'Rookie' Crochet Cushion Kit

This comes with EVERYTHING you need to make a 50cm x 50cm (20in x 20in) cushion and includes the Basic Yarn Pack, a 4mm Crochet Hook and a 50cmx50cm Cushion Pad.

As well as this, I am going to host a facebook site dedicated to Wulla Makes, where everyone who joins in with the 'Great Rookie Make' can access 'How to' videos and stitch guides. Especially for those new to crochet, this is an excellent place to ask any questions is you get stuck! It would also be fantastic for you to share your progress and let us all see your finished makes..

Neon Kisses with Cream...

The next bit of the project is probably the best bit...

What's Your Colour....?

To launch this project I have chosen 13 (unlucky for some but I've always like to walk on the wild side) of my favourite colours of the moment for you to choose from and available for both types of yarn. There's plenty here to inspire you, whether you want a cool classic pairing like our cream and black or you want to make a statement with our signature 'Neon Kisses'... But don't worry , you don't have to make a decision yet! Over the length of the campaign, I will be dyeing up sample yarns to help you make up your mind and if we succeed in getting this project funded then you'll hear from me at the end of the project to find out what colour combo you would like...

Left:Navy and cream, Light Grey and Neon Yellow, Cream and Black

Right: Light Grey and Neon Yellow

For now...these might whet your appetite...


  • Cream(natural)
  • Black
  • Light Grey


  • Navy
  • Mustard
  • Dirty Pink
  • Teal
  • Emerald Green


  • Neon Yellow
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Turquoise
  • Purple Pop
  • 'Neon Kisses' Signature (see below)

I've rambled on enough, and there will be plenty of updates as we go along but the final thing to say is just a massive thank you!...thank you for being here, thank you for your support and thank you for helping me get this project off the ground. Tune into my social media for more fun...

Stay well, stay safe

Caz x







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£47 or more

'The Rookie' Yarn Pack

This Yarn pack includes all the handmade yarn you will need to make a 50cmx50cm 'Rookie' Cushion Cover. Included is: 250g Wulla SuperPhat Yarn, x100g 4ply custom dyed, an easy to follow pattern, access to the WullaMakes Facebook group to view 'how to guides'. **You will need to provide your own 4mm crochet hook and 50cm x 50cm cushion pad with this pack to make the cushion**

£52 or more

'The Rookie' Yarn Pack plus Cushion Pad

'The Rookie' Yarn Pack plus a 50cm x 50cm hollowfibre cushion pad and access to the WullaMakes Facebook group to view 'how to guides'. **you will need to provide your own 4mm crochet hook to make up the cushion with this pack**

£57 or more

'The Rookie' Cushion Kit

This kit contains EVERYTHING you need to make a 50cm x 50cm 'The Rookie' Cushion. This includes The 'Rookie' Yarn pack, easy to follow pattern, a 4mm Bamboo Crochet Hook, a 50cmx50cm hollowfibre cushion pad; and access to the WullaMakes Facebook group with 'How to' guides.

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