Back into the Water Post Covid-19

by Matthew Hunter in Wisbech, England, United Kingdom

Back into the Water Post Covid-19

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The aim of this project is to put in place a robust fund that will enable to club to provide the safest training scheme possible post Covid-

by Matthew Hunter in Wisbech, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 11th August 2020 we'd raised £1,385 with 28 supporters in 34 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Please take the time to read a little about the Wisbech Swimming Club Post Covid-19 rejuvenation fund.  

The Club.

 For generations Wisbech Swimming Club has been teaching children of the Wisbech area to swim and giving the chance for those with the ability to progress to competition swimming.  Noteably Para-olympic swimmer Jody Cundy is an old Wisbech swimmer, but over the long history of this club there have been many acheivements by the members. All of them important and significant to that member, whether that is a 25m length of the 'big' pool or taking a county championship medal for 100m breaststroke.  The club is a part of the development physically and mentally of it's young members.

The Past.

Over the past few months the members have been unable to train with their pool closed because of the Covid -19 supression measures. The club committee, coaches and volunteers have been trying to keep the members engaged and taking part in regular maintainance exercise and social interaction. 

The Situation.

It is widely accepted that the swimming pools are likely to reopen in the next few months, but there are many changes that have to be taken into account before training sessions for clubs can begin. There will be smaller groups for certain, which will reduce the training hours available to the members.  The progression of swimmers will be curtailed without maintaining a certain amount of training, which is where the club is looking to find additional funding.

The Future.

In order to provide the level of teaching and coaching that fulfills the needs of the membership, the number of hours that the club hire facilities will need to increase.  Couple this with the number of swimmers per group being reduced and the economic impact can quickly be seen.   

Your Part to Play.

As a club we are asking for help to give our members, the young people of Wisbech and the surrounding villages.  The chance to return to training at a level that will bring them back to a competition ready state and continue to improve their physical and mental condition after this period of stress and uncertainty.

Many thanks for your time and attention to our cause. Please consider helping however you can.


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