Worship n Praise Hall Building in Process

by Sangeeta Francis in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Worship n Praise Hall Building in Process

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Building a Blessed Worship 🛐 Hall for Remote Village in India where people can get together to Worship n Praise Lord God of Host 🙏🙇

by Sangeeta Francis in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom




This is a small village close to my Home town 🏡 where my Brother Pastor Mahesh Francis Works with People to 🛐 worship and Praise Lord God of Host 🙏 YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐🕊🔥

They don't have a place to 🛐 Worship and get together so building a place to gather together to worship 🛐 and Praise Lord God of Host 🙏YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐🕊🔥 🙇THANK YOU 🙌 King 👑 of Kings 👑 n Lord of Lord's  YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐🕊🔥🙇Always 🙏 Alleluia Amen 🙏🙌👏🎼🎻📯My Native place in India 🇮🇳 Madhya Pardesh MP

A remote village in MP State.... Close to my Home town 🏡... 👍 Near Khandwa close to metro city Indore Capital Bhopal M. P 👍Praise the Lord 🙏 Beloved Faith Family 👪Members 🙏We Hope n Pray With the Grace of Almighty Lord God of Host 🙏 YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐🕊You n All Family 👪 Well 🙌We Give All Praise Glory Honour to Our King 👑 of Kings 👑 n Lord of Lord's Always🙏🛐 WE Are Making a Blessed Worship 🛐 Hall in a Small village place ⛪ where Choosen People of YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐🕊🔥Can Meet up in Praise n Worship 🛐 of Our Lord 🛐 Saviour King 👑 of Kings 👑 YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐Alleluia Amen 🙏🙌With the Grace of Almighty🙏we have managed to get it All Most Together in Regards to Building Thank You YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐🕊But Now Nearer to the End 🔚 WE NEED DESPERATELY NEED SOME FUNDING or FINANCIAL HELP to BRING the BUILDING 🏢⛪ WORK ⚒to COMPLETION 🙌I WANTED TO REQUEST IF ANY ONE FEELS THE BURDEN TO CONTRIBUTE OR PUT FORWARD A HELPING HAND 🖐️ TO THE FINISHING OF THE LORD'S🙏🔥🛐HALL OF WORSHIP 🛐🕊⛪ THEN PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO GIVE FREELY OR DONATE FREELY OR CONTRIBUTE OUT OF FREE 🆓 WILL HAPPILY FOR THIS WORK OF 🛐 WORSHIP HALL CHURCH ⛪ MAY LORD GOD OF HOST YESHUWA HA MASSIHA 🛐 BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY 👪 ABUNDANTLY AMAZINGLY AND MAY YOUR GENEROSITY AND KINDNESS BE BLESSED N BRING FRUITS/PROSPERITY MANYFOLDS IN THE HIGHEST🙏PRECIOUS HOLY NAME AUTHORITY AND BLOOD OF YESHUWA HA MASSIHA🛐WE PLEAD N PRAY ALLELUIA AMEN 🙏🛐Thank You YESHUWA HA MASSIHA🛐for Revealing Your Glory Awe Wonders Favours Miracles into Our Lives n Lives of All Our Family👪Members in the Precious Highest Holy Name Authority and Blood of YESHUWA HA MASSIHA🛐 Alleluia Amen🙏🙌Shallome🙏Shallome 🙌God Bless🙏Stay Blessed🙏🛐 All Many Blessings n Prayers🙏🛐🕊Stay Blessed🙏🛐🎼🎻📯🌺Please let me give the contact number of My Brother Pastor Mahesh Francis  +91 91113 36564 👍or you can contact me directly 👍🙏👏Thank You so much👍🙇so appreciate it🙏 God Bless You n All ur Family 👪Abundantly🙏Stay Blessed🙏🛐🎼🎻📯🙇

Thank You All For Taking the time to read n Help 👍 

God Bless 🙏 you Abundantly for all your Generosity and kindness 🙏 Stay Blessed 🙏

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