Workington (Constituency) Christmas Food Project

by Helen Tucker (she/her) in Cockermouth, England, United Kingdom

Workington (Constituency) Christmas Food Project


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All money raised will be used for this cause - any and all donations will be used to put food on the table for children this Christmas.

by Helen Tucker (she/her) in Cockermouth, England, United Kingdom

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Alex Farrell 24th October 2020

I am proud to support this crowd funder ;and to be part of a community which is willing to support it's most vulnerable members especially when it seems the elected parliamentary representative won't.

Kelly Davis 23rd October 2020

This initiative shows that Cumbrians have much warmer hearts than their MPs! Good luck - I hope lots of people will show their support.

Lou Rodger 23rd October 2020

Parents of children who usually have free school meals pay taxes, and those taxes will pay to subsidise the meals of MPs but not to feed their own children, who will go hungry otherwise. This is immoral on every level, and the 322 MPs who voted to let children go hungry should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves, including Workington's own MP, Mark Jenkinson. If you've ever been in any doubt about who he is, he is a man who is willing to let your children be hungry at Christmas.

Sara Field 23rd October 2020

I love this idea but I am annoyed that this needs to be done. Especially when our MP Mark Jenkinson voted to let children go hungry. I bet he won’t be hungry this Christmas.

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