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Food for Families - Wishaw

by MADE4UINML2 - Wishaw in Wishaw, Scotland, United Kingdom

Food for Families - Wishaw
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On 7th December 2021 we successfully raised £1,805 ( + est. £7.50 Gift Aid ) with 72 supporters in 34 days

Supporting struggling families with food, meals, signposting & help during the times they struggle most. Families would go without otherwise

by MADE4UINML2 - Wishaw in Wishaw, Scotland, United Kingdom

Christmas - A Tale of Struggle and Hardship

I think often at this time of year of the film A Christmas Carol - Ebeneezer Scrooge gets somewhat of a reality check, getting an aerial view of his own behaviour and reminding him of innocence.

I wonder sometimes if we could apply similar thinking to our own lives. A bit of "There but by the grace of God go I". Many of us have probably experienced some challenges this year - isolation, loneliness, lack of access to food, support and a huge helping of uncertainty. I wonder though - if sometimes were need to think about the "what-ifs". I think it would be so easy for any of us to fall into these situations. A lost job, end of contract, bereavement, long-term illness or depression could be one of the many things that could easily take us from surviving to struggling.

I see this often in the people and families we are working with - they are just about getting by, keeping their head above water through the myriad of struggles life is presenting them. By all accounts, they are doing well and anyone looking on from the outside may already say that life is being unfair in handing out so much hardship. But it only takes that one 'extra' thing. Their child is ill, they have come down with covid, the main breadwinner is now unable to work, or an elderly relative has had to come and stay in the household due to early-onset dementia. It's that final straw that breaks the camel's back, that sends a delicate equilibrium spiralling. It's at this point they go from swimming to drowning. 

It's our hope at MADE4U that we would be a support system in the times of struggle, that we could be a rock in times that our world is rocked. With you support, we can be "That" support that is vitally needed to right the boat, to stop the drowning in that moment of hardship for so many families.

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