Winning In Salisbury

by Victoria Charleston in Salisbury, England, United Kingdom

Winning In Salisbury

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I am Victoria Charleston, the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Salisbury and South Wiltshire, and I need your help!

by Victoria Charleston in Salisbury, England, United Kingdom

I'm asking for your help to turn Salisbury and South Wiltshire Lib Dem at the next General Election. We've got a great reception on the doorstep, at community events and in talking to people about the Lib Dem plans for our communities and the country.

But elections cost money and the Conservative's have a well-funded campaign.

Thanks to local support and great volunteers we've got the campaign going with over 200 volunteers.  But we need your help to match the Conservatives online, on the doorstep and in the local media.

The election could be only weeks away so we urgently need to raise funds and make sure as many people as possible know the only way Salisbury and South Wiltshire can change from the chaos of the Conservatives is by voting Lib Dem. 

With your help, we can get there!


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