Win On Waste

Our community recycling projects include producing three recycling directories (covering the whole of Dorset). These advertise the needs of not-for-profit organisations for items which people are throwing away. We also run 16 Win on Waste sessions each month, involving 1,200 people, in Dorset where communities come together to donate items from their waste to benefit good causes.

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Win On Waste

Win on Waste provides a community-based project that aims to help local people come together to manage their hard-to-recycle household waste. Instead of sending a wide range of plastic items to landfill and into the household recycling system, we redirect it to responsible recycling companies and charities that use these items for their projects and fundraising.

We run our sessions in community spaces – libraries, community cafes and village halls – so we are able to meet people in their own areas, and we try to prioritise local charities as beneficiaries for the items we collect.

Our face-to-face sessions also allow us to talk to local people about the waste their household is producing and introduce ways for them to reduce the waste that they produce through local and national sustainability programmes. We support this work with our website and social media channels, providing clear and useful information on how families can take small actions that have big impacts when communities work collectively to fight climate change.

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