Wigan Scuba Divers - Equipment Fund for New Divers

by WIGAN SCUBA in Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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On 16th April 2024 we successfully raised £25 with 2 supporters in 56 days

We are a new Diving Club and we want to make Suba Diving accessible to all in the community - we need equipment - we need your help.

by WIGAN SCUBA in Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


Established in January 2024, we are a central Wigan based diving branch of BSAC - the British Sub-Aqua Club (Branch Number 2657). We are a not for profit organisation with eleven current members/volunteers, and we're expanding. 

Our Mission Statement is very simple:

We offer a welcoming community where scuba diving becomes accessible to all. We will deliver the highest standard of training to all new members, put safety in everything we do, and show people a whole new world just waiting to be explored and engaged with. Above all though, we will have fun! 

Happy Divers - Happy Club!

Our Key objectives are equally as simple:

• To have a strong committed membership from within our local community.
• To train the next generation of divers ensuring the club has a long and sustained future.
• To grow the club through "Try Dives" and promotion.
• To ensure the club has the right equipment (tested and certified) to retain existing members, and attract prospective divers.


As recreational scuba divers, we have witnessed first hand the transformative health benefits - both physical and mental - that diving can bring to people of all ages, and all abilities. All of the current members have their own individual diving equipment, but our aim is NOT to close ranks and simply go out and enjoy diving together - we want to open up diving to everyone, we want to grow the sport within the community, and we want to show everyone what an amazing experience diving is. 

We do this first and foremost using "Try Dives" - a one hour session for new divers in the local swimming pool to give new divers a taste of what the sport offers. We can then offer further Pool Training, then Open Water Training to develop the skills of the trainees and get them to qualified status. 

But to do this we need equipment for those new participants, and that equipment is not cheap even when purchased "second hand". All equipment must be safe, and it also must be tested and certified as such annually, regardless of whether it is used or not. In addition, equipment is definitely not "one size fits all" and what is suitable for one trainee will not be suitable for another. For example, children tend to struggle with larger air tanks and so smaller ones are required specifically for them, but we lack the funding to buy both. Open Water fins are exactly what they say they "on the tin", but Try Dives and Pool Training requires specific Pool Fins, and so again we need to buy both. 

Our instructors are volunteers who pay for courses using their own money, and so enabling them to train others - they also give their time freely. But the cost of equipment, pool time, servicing, maintenance, training packs, and air fills, soon adds up! 

And if we are to be successful in our Mission Statement and Key Objectives then we need your help.....


The money we are hoping to raise will cover the following:

* Regulators for breathing - essential kit for sure!

* Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD) 

* Air Tanks - various sizes to accommodate all trainees

* Dry Suits - for Open Water Training 

* Accessories - Fins/Masks/Weights/Gloves/Hoods 

Our aim is to purchase the equipment second hand where possible to save costs and to make sure good equipment doesn't go to waste. In addition, money will be used to service the equipment to ensure it meets with the high safety standards essential in this sport. 


There are four ways we would love you to get involved:

1. Pledge money to our cause. Once we have hit the target and purchased the equipment, all donors will be contacted offering them a Try Dive with the club (*subject to location, availability, and a minimum £20 donation).

2. Spread the word. We need to reach as many people as possible and tell them about this fantastic community project so please share this page on your social media pages.

3. Kit Donations. If you are a Scuba Diver yourself and have kit that you don't need/use anymore then we will gladly accept it, and we'll pay for the servicing to make sure it remains in use. 

4. Other Donations. If you're a local business, or know someone with one, get in touch and play a part in what we're doing. We will be doing regular fund raising and community events and we would welcome anyone looking to provide sponsorship, or "prizes" that we can raffle off. Remember, this is a Community group that will best succeed if the whole Community supports us. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

Try Dive with us!

A £20 donation will get you one Try Dive voucher to be used within 12 months from date of receipt, subject to availability/location etc. Once the target is reached we will contact donors who have provided contact details and we will send them their voucher by email.

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