Feeding COVID-19 Marginalised Families In Nigeria.

by Lilian Martins in Heelands, England, United Kingdom

Feeding COVID-19 Marginalised Families In Nigeria.

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Join us to feed and empower the marginalised families in Nigeria. Help us feed 3 families a day with £10. Not forgetting health issues

by Lilian Martins in Heelands, England, United Kingdom

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected millions of people. Although these are unprecedented times we believe that together, we are stronger and united we can do more. Women's Hope Forumn response is coming from communities across the country to support those in Nigeria. 

In tackling the logistical problems faced in our communities – but we need urgent support now more than before. So as people do not die from hunger and lack of necessary provision and medical attention. 

That's where we come in. Monies donated and raised will go to funds too feed, provide medical supplies where necessary and shelter for the marginalised, homeless, and poverty stricken families in Nigeria. Amongst these are the poor, elderly and children. Children losing daily meals plus lack of water to drink daily hygiene requirements, and not forgetting the girls during their monthly periods. 

We are very much aware it has been quite challenging and traumatic for such families in the developed countries hence why we have projects in place to supply food to these families here in the UK collaborating with other charities and community groups already but let's together look at how much more the developing countries needs our intervention, love and support at this time.  

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