Well-being conference for healthcare staff

by Helen in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Well-being conference for healthcare staff

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Provide a well-being conference for healthcare staff. Also start a legacy where healthcare staff share their wisdom

by Helen in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The first, target is for set up and to provide the online well-being summit for Healthcare staff. The second, target build on this further and expands to an online resource for all frontline staff. It would  cover: 

1) Infection control/Covid-19 

2) Trauma & Bereavement  (both experiencing it yourself and helping others going through it.) 

3) Well-being

We have now reached 78% of our target - thank you so much!

Practical Wisdom is a social enterprise to provide information and conferences to frontline staff. 26th June we host a well-being conference for healthcare workers.

I'm Helen and I have been a nurse for 32yrs working mainly in urgent care, others on our team include a director of transformation, medical secretary and surgical doctor we are all giving up our time to help as are the speakers of the conference. We also secured a web-designer who is giving us a significant discount. 

We are all working together to make this conference happen and ensure the information remains available even after the conference on the website that is also being created.  That is how we have managed to keep the costs as low as possible. 

Your contribution alongside ours ensures we help those healthcare staff.  This is especially important as the fight against Covid-19 is a marathon not a sprint! We need to keep morale up and aid recovery from some of the traumatic times.  

Thank you for donating, whatever the amount is, it all helps. Thank you!

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