We Are Spicy

by Alex Stone in Billingshurst, West Sussex, United Kingdom

We Are Spicy
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To champion the potential of the neurodiverse brain, create a safe space for neurodiverse professionals to flourish & grow.

by Alex Stone in Billingshurst, West Sussex, United Kingdom

We Are Spicy is a collective of neurodiverse (and neurotypical) marketing and creative professionals, dedicated to providing outstanding strategic marketing, brand, content and creative services to our clients in small and mid-sized B2B technology businesses.

We have three guiding principles.

To positively champion the potential of the neurodiverse brain, both inside and outside our group.

Create a safe space for neurodiverse, and neurotypical, professionals to flourish and grow.

Use the very best of our 'neuro-spiciness' to always do our very best work for our clients, and do it with good humour, humility and authenticity.

Our CEO and founder found out, at the age of 50, she was neurodiverse and a LOT of things clicked into place about her life and her career. A LOT!

Most notably, the things she thought made her different or stopped her from feeling like she truly fitted in, the things that people told her she needed to ‘fix’, were the very same things that made her a highly creative, innovative, focused, passionate, friendly, and authentic person, and marketer.

So, after being made redundant from a senior marketing leadership role within a traditional (a.k.a not particularly neuro-inclusive) organisation, our founder wanted to create and lead a collective of like-minded professionals, enabling them to use their neurodiverse “superpowers” to create super marketing for super clients.

And We Are Spicy was created. Taaa daaa!


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