Finding your Happy with the WaterWell Foundation

by WaterWell Foundation in Rossendale, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Finding your Happy with the WaterWell Foundation

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We're a not-for-profit suicide prevention organisation, helping local people to take control of their lives by finding their inner happy

by WaterWell Foundation in Rossendale, Lancashire, United Kingdom

The WaterWell Foundation CIC promotes healthy mental wellbeing with Suicide prevention being our core focus. We provide a helping hand to those who are experiencing low moods and focus on how we can provide the best support for vulnerable people. We empower all members of the community to stay as active as they can and encourage them to speak out about their mental health issues.

Connecting like-minded people together, we respond to the community needs by providing free, focused support and care. 

We provide many activities to combat loneliness through social events and keep people active, engaged and connected! We listen to the voices of our community and work with many local organisations that are doing a great job to provide care, companionship, address digital poverty by helping people staying connected with friends and family, and make good use of our outdoor spaces to keep everyone in touch with nature to be physically and mentally active.


Our walking groups are extremely popular where we take to the beautiful hills of Rossendale to absorb some breath-taking scenes. Walking doesn’t just provide a source of exercise, it’s a great way to get outdoors and out of isolation with a great group of people, especially if you live alone or have care needs, such as dementia. We engage with youth works, sports therapy activities, drop in talking sessions, and 1-1 support sessions to bridge the waiting gap between a vulnerable person seeing a GP and to the point of getting professional help.  

All social groups we engage with are designed to combat isolation and loneliness and allow us to build relationships of trust, so care is delivered through understanding individual needs.

We aim to build the support network for vulnerable people across our local community by providing free training to loved ones so that they see signs before people hit crisis point.


What we can do with your help

People are designed to have a social connection so that no one feels alone or isolated, we recognise the need to have face to face interaction and will strive to encourage individuals to interact. Sometimes our social gatherings also enables carers to get a well-earned break from their demanding roles. With the terrible economic impact, there is an increased demand for our services and we need to increase the support we offer so that we reach out to more people .

We need YOUR support to help us raise funds for things like running costs and for the foundation to succeed. Further services we want to get involved in is to modernise more of our community outdoor spaces and increase our care provisions making mental health support easily accessible to everyone. With your help, we will be able to increase our volunteer pool, allowing for more feel-good events to be organised and we’ll be able to continue addressing the mental wellbeing and health of vulnerable people, enabling them to participate in activities in a safe space.  

Our Target

 We want to raise £1,000 to help host anti-loneliness events and extend our capacity in hosting sports and creative therapies at a local level.

We will improve communal areas to host things like sports therapy, green therapy, Yoga/Pilates, mental wellbeing, and outdoor recreation focused on nature and wildlife so members of the community can find their 'safe and happy space' whilst exercising or just taking moments to relax.

Monies raised will fund several aspects of our work - we will continue to host events combatting loneliness during seasonal times and we will progress our e-commerce platform to gain a better place in the wellbeing sector and allow us to resource more wellbeing advisors.

What we will do

 Host more events and continue to encourage others to host local events to help combat loneliness – this is especially needed for the vulnerable but also carers who are often isolated by their caring duties and need a place to relax.

We will provide various support activities including, clubs for the elderly, vulnerable and lonely/isolated people, sports therapy and outdoor therapy classes, and engage with creative arts activities, which are all free and open to anyone, particularly vulnerable, disabled or socially isolated local people.

We help people with all physical capabilities to get out and walk more whilst encouraging them to talk about their wellbeing. Working with people on a local level and offering them face to face support allows us to make better connections.

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