Warren Clark Golfing Dreams Inclusive Centre

by dawn osborn in Godstone, Surrey, United Kingdom

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The aim of Our Inclusive Centre is to make a difference in Peoples Lives mainly through Fun Golf related activities, in an Inclusive way.

by dawn osborn in Godstone, Surrey, United Kingdom

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On the 4th September 2022 we'd raised £760 with 5 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Who are we?

Warren Clark Golfing Dreams Limited was set up by talented autistic Warren Clark who is a Professional Golf Coach who is also qualified in Multi Sports and Personal Training.

Warrens dream has always been to set up his own registered charity Warren Clark Golfing Dreams Limited charity number 1189829 and gaining enough funds to build his own Inclusive Centre for the charity would complete his dream to have a permanent home where people that are disabled, have disabilities, community groups can come and all benefit from lot of Inclusive activities including Golf ,Multi Sports, Inclusive training and education with like minded people in a safe, secure environment where they will all feel valued ,respected and benefit from an inclusive environment which will not be noisy ,a big environment or overwhelming.

People living with disabilities and additional needs do not always get appropriate support in life and do not know where they can go and access the support they deserve and in a lot of situations become isolated,Our Inclusive Centre will provide a service for all that is Inclusive ,supportive, encourages and brings out the very best in a person and by making them feel good about themselves and believing that they are capable of achieving more and better in life than they currently have and with the right support will give them good guidance and a purpose of what they would like to achieve and can achieve ,without being overwhelmed with things that they cannot.

Warren has been very lucky with correct family love and support and the help of his autistic sister, has set up his charity and has so far become very popular and successful but the charity would hugely benefit having a permanent place to be called home and will be able to offer so much more than the current mobile golf delivery we currently offer.

The charity is very experienced in  dealing with people with disabilities and disabled and always bring out the best in every individual we strive to support every one to achieve  the very best they can to better their own quality of life, give them the best possible opportunities and make them feel good and believe in themselves.

We believe everyone should be valued ,respected and have a worthy purpose that they can achieve in life with   the right support they will flourish and achieve  what they want to and bring out the very best to every individual in an Inclusive supporting way which they feel safe and comfortable in.


Community impact

Our Inclusive Centre will be open for anyone the community  who would like to engage and benefit from it.

Apart from Inclusive Golf,Multi Sports and Inclusive Gym we will have an accessible training kitchen, community centre and lots off different activities, including Inclusive Education ,work related training and support and a place where people of all abilities can attend and will not be judged ,will be valued ,respected and appreciated by everyone else that attends.

People will benefit from an Inclusive setting where no one is turned away because they may not be so able as another person and we will strive to support anyone that comes through Our doors and will support them in anyway possible to achieve the very best in life they can.

Through being supported and not judged will bring out the best in every person and  through continual support will learn to feel good about themselves and will be supported  and encouraged to support others that may not have already developed as much as they have and what they want to achieve.

The Inclusive Centre will be open at weekends and evenings when other day services and support is closed

We believe this Inclusive Centre is needed and will support lots of people in the community that may have tried day services and we will offer a unique fresh approach and opportunities that will be tailored and structured to suit the individuals needs not because the whole group are doing one thing.


Why are we crowdfunding?

We are crowd funding for this project because we have already secured 150 k from Sport England and we need to raise more funds to have enough money to build this Inclusive Centre.

Our charity does not have any paid staff and appreciate our amazing volunteers and we do not even take travel expenses because one hundred per cent of the money raised stays in the charity and is used for keeping it running and maintaining equipment ..

Having a permanent building will create long term stability for the charity which Warren started himself from scratch with the help form his Family and volunteers and would create lots more opportunities for people in the community to benefit from.


How we’ll spend the money raised

The money raised will go towards building Our Inclusive Centre and once enough funds are raised will be built!


How you can play your part

Thanks for your interest in Our Project and you can help us please in the following ways,

Make a donation every bit donated will be hugely appreciated and for one hundred  pounds  donated Warren will reward you with a personal hour golf lesson.

For five hundred pounds you can have a playing lesson with Warren ,you have to pay for your own round.

For twenty pounds Warren will sign any golf ball of your choice ,you provide the ball!




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