Growing Salads pesticide free for a healthy diet.

by localsalads in Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

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We have spent £150,000 of our own funds to develop Our unique dynamic LED system which reduces the Capital & Opex consumption by 50%.

by localsalads in Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

We Built the first Vertical Farm in the UK in 2008. We have built systems for other people around the world. Now we have self funded the UK Build and spent over £150,00 of our own funds to build and fit out a warehouse as we believe this is the future of growing food. The UK as well as around the world are facing a crisis of dramatic food shortage. We have to have a staple diet for healthy living and this includes fruit and salads. Love them or hate them they are needed BUT we must have flavour , texture and something that taste good and not just thrown away.  We are 9 th generation growers and we have built Vertical & Greenhouse Farms around the World for other companies. Including the first vertical farm in the UK back in 2009 (see the video) We have built in Kentucky, China, Vancouver, Bahrain & Dubai where we built the first vertical farm in  2016 ( Badia Farms). We also ran the Largest Vertical farm in Dubai (UNS Farms) as the CEO until the corona virus hit then we came back to the UK due to travel restrictions.  We are now based in Hull, East Yorkshire and we have focused on 'How to make a Vertical Farm work sustainably' We have seen first hand the major issues of running a farm for us the major hurdles are down to two major things.  The high cost of POWER from the grid and the lack of grower knowledge in other vertical Farms, Hence they have spent millions and are producing nothing and failing.  So we have focused on the Power issue and in the last 12 months we have found 4 patents which will all produce power from the unit to lower the cost of POWER. The Key to a successful horticulture business is reducing the COGS (cost of goods sold) Our Vertical farm facility is in Hull, East Yorkshire and it is 85% finished and has our dynamic Led Lighting system installed and working this reduces the OPEX (Cost) of running LED lights by 50%. We also have 4 more Patents all of which produce power from the plants to help reduce the energy cost.

Due to the high energy cost in the UK food shortage and salads grown in the UK is under threat. This is now showing in supermarkets the lack of UK produce. The UK is going through a massive fresh Salad shortage, this will only add to the obesity of children as they will not understand the taste and texture of eating fresh salads and nutritional food. We need to address this issue and fast, Most vertical farms all state the issue is one of high POWER cost and Labour cost. We aim to address these issues.

High Power consumption is associated with the growing of crops inside a warehouse, however we have now found the solution to this. By reducing Capital & Opex of using LED lighting by 50% this is a huge saving ( now the energy crisis is hitting UK production of crops)  Our dynamic LED Light is Patent pending and is now working inside our facility using less energy to grow crops. This also raises the factor of reducing the carbon emission's also by 50% and in todays market meeting a net zero emission is high on the agenda. The development of our Unique LED system we also found that we used less energy to cool the warehouse as we had a lower heat build up to cool down and we also got better air flow for the crops. It was from here that we also found a way to PRODUCE energy from the system to power the LED's. We have had our design verified by a 3rd party that it will work and this will make Vertical Farming a viable option for growing food. 

We have installed this system into our own pilot unit in Hull therefore making a system that can be fully self sufficient for energy with lower capital installation cost. Our new R&D model is all on Grid. We hopefully want to install Solar on the roof (We have the ok from the landlord) 

Together with our dynamic Led units this will allow for a fully energy producing unit to make a fully sustainable unit and a unit that uses at least 90% less power to grow quality plants and food for the UK. 

We can grow most crops including Strawberries, Chillis, Spinach , Red Lettuce, Apollo Lettuce and a unique Iceberg type, Basil, Thai Basil and many others. We have trademarked the name CRUNCHBERG as our salad has a long shelf life and remains 'Crispy' the entire life

The reduction of the Opex also allows the growing of salad crops to be more consumer friendly price wise. We intend to build units across the UK by the means of smaller more Local builds delivering a fresher product to the consumer across the UK. By doing this we can also reuse ready built buildings that will grow food and produce there own energy and this in turn will also free up renewable energy sources for the public to benefit from. 

All the water is recycled and filtered, All the media is recycled, All the packing material is renewable and composable. 

This is the future of growing. 




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