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Started on 9th November 2020 Whitfield, England, United Kingdom

If lending one helping hand can make such an impact, imagine what more hands can do together.

We tend to forget about the elderly many times, for all the common reasons that one can think of: they must have someone on their own who takes care of them, they have social support, they don’t need that many things anymore, and the list goes on and on. 

I am not here to contradict any of those reasons, nor to try to make any age more worthy than others for support. I am here to tell you that two pair of hands can most of the time make much more of a difference in helping others than just one single.

Being almost 90 years old now (where did the time fly? :) I have had my share of hard times, from an early major accident that left me in a hospital bed for almost two years, to various diseases, to losing family members, to facing loneliness. 

But this only made me realize how even the tiniest bit of support can make a difference. 

That’s why, every day, as soon as I wake up and I get dressed in my  bets clothes (yes, you don’t have to wait for any special moment to wear that beautiful dress you got there), I use every minute of the day thinking, planning and creating ways to make others happier and better. From organizing medical support funds, to donations, to small tokens of attention, to greeting cards, visits at hospitals and simple words of gratitude that always make one smile. You see, it is these things that matter too.

Impacted by COVID-19, I seek your support to ensure that we can help our covid-19 victim with all the necessary preventive measures

There are millions of people in every area living with COVID-19 that require help and assistance every day, every minute of the day. By joining hands, even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference to them.

That’s why I ask you today to join hands with me and help with this simple gesture that will make the lives of many much better, by supporting their needs to stop the spread of this CORONAVIRUS.

I have spent all my resources, contacts and support I could get until now to help many individuals in need and I know that if we join hands so many more could benefit from this help now, when they need it the most.

All you have to do is saying once yes to helping others in need now and you will contribute to a quality life of so many people. 


Would you lend a helping hand too?


Mary Woodgate
9th November 2020 at 4:10pm

pledged £5