Wagging Tales autism acceptance book funding.

by Wagging Tales Books in Fair Oak, England, United Kingdom

Wagging Tales autism acceptance book funding.
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On 13th May 2021 we successfully raised £230 with 13 supporters in 35 days

I aim to empower autistic children to feel confident in themselves and pride in their diagnosis. I want to show how we're Unique but united.

by Wagging Tales Books in Fair Oak, England, United Kingdom

Wagging Tales is raising money to launch their latest book. A children's picture book that aims to support autistic children as they learn about their diagnosis. This is the sequel to Pesky Penguins a story in which children learnt about anxiety and the Penguins causing mayhem in their heads. There are many books about autism but few are written by an autistic author and even fewer are written for autistic children instead of their neurotypical peers. 

As a young autistic woman, my voice has often been lost in the crowd. I would allow this to happen without putting up a fight but as I grew I found my voice. When you are deprived of your voice, or in my case deprived of listeners, you learn just how much of an impact your words have, how important they are, how you can build someone up or tear someone down just with a jumble of letters. I want to use my letters, my words, my voice to support young autistic children. I want to prepare autistic children for their teenage years so that a higher number of autistic teens make it to adulthood. The "rate of Suicide (is) 3 Times Higher for Autistic People" than it is for neurotypicals and I want to change that by equipping children with resources, techniques and coping mechanism.

My book's aim is to educate and raise awareness of children's mental health and autism as well as help children to accept their differences. I want to give autistic children someone in their books that they can relate to. 

Last year, at the age of 17, I was once again struggling with my mental health. I was hospitalised for the second time and seemed to be drifting through each day. I started writing short stories to help me on my journey of recovery and a passion was sparked. What started off a something for my own healing grew into something more, it grew into something I could use to help others. This is when I wrote Pesky Penguins, followed by its sequel, Unique but United. These two books serve different purposes but ultimately they have one thing in common, they were written from a place deep within my heart that wants nothing more than to support children and prevent them from going through the trauma that I went through.

My goal is to raise enough money for illustration, publishing fees, and printing as well as money for web design and branding so I can build up my small business in order to support as many children within the UK as possible. 

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