Jean Blackbeard's General Election Campaign Fund

by Independent Candidate Jean Blackbeard's Campaign Fund in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Jean Blackbeard's General Election Campaign Fund

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Raising funds to elect Independent candidate Jean Blackbeard as the MP for North Cotswolds and to improve diminishing youth facilities.

by Independent Candidate Jean Blackbeard's Campaign Fund in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Is party politics the downfall of our government?

If our democratic, publicly funded government were a car, this magnificent machine would be faltering. Its corroding engine and worn-out parts would require replacement. 

For many years, party members have managed government business with an attitude of “ours” rather than "yours".

They have strayed off course, leaving many in our nation injured. They have claimed unwarranted mileage for themselves, offered free rides to affluent passengers, and left the windows open with the public purse in plain sight. Rivalling groups have diverted their gaze from the road of duty onto the verge of deflection. Corruption and fighting for the steering wheel of power have gone on for too long. The pistons of public service need reinstalling to regain public trust. 

Career politicians have filled the government's tank with the fuel of greed, worn out its fan belt with the tension of self-interest, and left the engine block leaking the oil of truth. A lack of civility has dimmed its headlights, the steering wheel alignment has been skewed by the tribalism of party politics, locks have been damaged by political joyriders, and the tyres are threadbare from the wear of arrogance. For self-interest, they have replaced originals with counterfeit parts and are often seen fleeing the scene of impending disaster.

As your independent representative in Parliament, I am dedicated to serving you tirelessly on a full-time basis. I will be a voice for the voiceless and remain accessible, local, and engaged while advocating for justice and peace. I will support life-changing proposals based on merit and public vote, conduct thorough research and analysis and refuse to loosen my grip on the truth. I will strongly advocate to:

  • Alleviate the contributing factors of hidden rural hardship
  • Revamp and reinitiate rural public services and infrastructure
  • Reduce rural greenfield housing development
  • Restore and realign our national government machine

I promise to collaborate with residents, experienced individuals, and cross-party and non-partisan colleagues to reform our government and ensure that the laws represent the views of fellow citizens within the North Cotswolds and national communities.

Who can you trust to represent the North Cotswolds?

My name is Jean Blackbeard, aged 48. I have lived in the North Cotswolds and been part of the community for almost 20 years, taking on various roles, including single parent, volunteer, campaigner, and business owner. I have been actively involved in serving my community through my business since 2019. As a result, I was invited to stand for the local elections and was elected as a member of Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council in May 2021.

I love parenthood (although now an empty-nester), people, learning, being of service to others, pursuing peace and expeditions. I'm a confident dyslexic who also loves words. My interests are heritage history, Christian theology, problem-solving, engineering, nutritional and environmental health, and social sciences. I thoroughly enjoy rambling, quiet contemplation, studying, puzzles, music, and sports in my spare time. I instinctively apply my analytical, methodical and perceptive abilities and hard work ethic to all the areas I serve. Since 2020, landlords have been attempting to unlawfully evict me from their commercial property to fulfil their ambition in the rental sector. However, with the support of my community, my Christian faith, my natural gift for analysing complex situations, and no legal representation, the court ruled in favour of my request for a lease renewal and I refuse to vacate on unfair terms. I use my gift to assist people both personally and professionally. I am not one to shy away from debate or advocating for the under-recognised. I will challenge the status quo when necessary for the betterment of others because it is my pleasure and honour to serve.

I've walked an arduous path in life, which has enabled me to develop empathy, gain insight into embedded social and systematic injustices that befall so many, develop resilience, appreciate the simple things in life and have an appetite for change.

In an era where old-fashioned chivalry, fairness, and honesty are fast-waning in all tiers of government and society, I remain committed to making independent decisions that are life-changing and law-making based on thorough research, logical reasoning, and public sentiment. I adhere to foundational values and principles without the peer pressure and temptations of party politics, which is corroding our democratic government machine. 

What will your donations fund?

As an independent candidate, my election campaign welcomes your support to cover costs such as printing and materials, venue hire, and travel. Not having run a large campaign like this, costs are estimated at approximately £10,000. All surplus money raised will be invested into improving the diminishing youth activities and services for young people aged 11 to 25 living in the North Cotswolds area. Funding will be granted to both new and established groups and organisations with the greatest need for investment. Facilitators who promote intergenerational activities in their community are also welcome to apply.

Want to know more?

Meet Jean on Sundays at 8pm on Zoom: Zoom Q&A sessions

Write to Jean: [email protected]

Call Jean: 0800 292 2909 (9am to 6pm Mon - Fri)

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This fundraiser is created and promoted by Jean Blackbeard at Serenity Bean, 3a Oxford Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0LA. 

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