Visual Devices For Shielded People During Lockdown

by Care By Communication in Telford, England, United Kingdom

Visual Devices For Shielded People During Lockdown

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The aim of this project is to give people that are isolated a means of communicating visually with family, friends and local community.

by Care By Communication in Telford, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 4th July 2020 we'd raised £10 with 1 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We used to take for granted being able to meet and greet before Coronavirus. 

We now take for granted using WhatsApp or Skype to see our family and friends.

We now take for granted the 4g and WiFi technology that helps us to connect.

We now take for granted that ‘everyone’ can do this.

The truth is that not everyone can. Phone up an ageing relative/friend. If it is a terrestrial line then ask them if they have a smart phone or WiFi. Surprise yourself to discover many who can’t and feel more isolated than ever before.

This crowdfunder is aiming to raise the funds to supply devices that can provide a visual link between families and friends. The beneficiary will have never used one because they can’t afford or cannot understand how to access the technology.

This crowdfunder will raise awareness of the communication issues that face many in our community.

My fundraising idea is a Chatathon. I cannot run marathons however, I have an incredible capacity for talking! For each donation made I will chat to the donor at the rate of one minute per pound if requested. Or, maybe You can donate with a request for me not to talk!

If we can get visual devices out to people so they can communicate in a way that many of us take for granted it will be fantastic.

I aim to get 15 tablets at a cost of £59+ which requires fundraising of £1200 equivalent to 20 hours talking. These tablets will be distributed in the local community to those most isolated. If I raise a second £1200 then that would buy 10 smartphones to replace outdated technology.

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Five minute Chat.

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Twenty minutes chat time in a group. I can chat about Covid, Politics, books, mindfulness, families, favourite sports and football teams, TV programmes, places to visit. Chat must be topical and respectful of others

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Not to have a chat. Just a donation for the beneficiaries to get to chat

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