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by Lycos in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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The project is aimed to bring a community of gamers together through a social enterprise I am trialing on a game platform currently used

by Lycos in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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As a long sufferer of a mental health condition called Bipolar Disorder I had increasingly found it difficult to interact socially especially when my symptoms were poorly controlled or aggravated by social stressors. 

Being an emergency medicine charge nurse at Birminghams biggest and busiest hospital was stressful, hours chaotic and completely emotionally draining. The stress of the postition often played havoc with my symptoms often triggered by exhaustion and lack of sleep. Eventually after 15 years i had to tragically leave a profession i had lived for. 

That was 2 years ago and I will be honest I have not been right since.

I became isolated and distanced myself from all contact with close ones including family which I to this day do not have contact with. Isolation and soliditude have kept me in a black hole of depression so strong I barely left the house.

I am that 38 middle aged single man, unemployable from failed carrier, unsocialised from dilberating social anxiety brought about by failure, that member of a forgotten society. That statistic. Critrea for suidcide risk complete. 


The only solise i found was in the distraction and community interaction of team building strategy gaming. I was a prisoner in my own home gripped by fear but in my gaming life I was a strong and noble leader, an echo of my former self. over the period of 2 years i created bonds and friendships, and started talked to people on social platforms from across the globe, I recently started blogging and creating youtube videos. Something I never thought I could ever do.


Although this gaming life was a great use of a passive escape it too comes with its pitfalls and problems. There is a high gambling aspect to these games. Virtual Items sold at very high prices with very low return chances. This type of gaming is highly rewarding to those that spend a lot of money sometimes people are spending thousands of pounds of month creating accounts worth equally as much, leaving the people that do not pay or unable in a weaker and more disavdantaged position. This is all fine if you have the money to spend on these apps. HOWEVER, these games make it very easy to purchase these products and they appear to be low value at first. The advertising to spend is relentless with new offfers and features daily. 

Those that can credit these in app purchase onto an existing pay monthly phone bill or credit card can run up debts of hundreds a month without any real understanding of how much they keep spending, breeding a huge population of gaming gambling addicts. I too had succumbed to this and although unemeployed and recieving very little social benefit was running up bills of £300 a month only stopped by the phone company cap. This often left me borrowing money to pay bills, to eat. 

The ultimate result of all this for me is I lost my home, my pets, and ended up homeless leaving at a friends family home. I never stopped playing the game but have stopped any access to phone bills.

The resulting high unemployment levels and quarantine from the Corona Outbreak has seen a massive increase in 3 things. Game play has increased expedentially, depression and mental health issues has increased across the globe due to the resulting unemployment and self isoltion and in game gambling has seen a massive raise in cases.

While leading a guild I highlighted a lot of problems as a result of the poor communication platforms avaiable from within them. I had been using 5 different social media platforms to communicate with our clan members, alliances we had and enemies as there are no ingame function to do this. I accidentially created a gamers companion mobile app, bespokely made for guild based strategy games like Clash of Clans and Lords Mobile, whilst looking for a solution for guild communications and i am currently developing a community website.

The game I am using for testing is called Mobile Royale - the timid sister of Lords Mobile, Chosen for its relativeley low population compared to the big guild games like Brawl Stars. I have been playing this game for around 2 years am have amased a huge network and folowers on several platforms like Wegamers and Line and am currently waiting to qualify for Celeb/Veteran status so have the ability to get this out their to massive audiences when testing is completed



The platform I have created offers a host of ingame content, access to members areas, ingame services the can take advantage of. The app features translation in all langages and chat rooms for specific members and guilds. There are blogs and forums being creaed and a full social media campaign is about to launch. Events and promotions are added daily and all guild members can stay informed about everything game related all in one place whilst having dedicated spaces to share experiances and create their own bonds and friendships.

Launch Demo

As a by product; of this gaming information cente, communication hub and all the amazing features that will support any guild based strategy, which is transferrable to any other team building, coaching, sport or business management communication environment you could need it. We want to create an online service with it own webspace on the internet and own identity. services I want to create with your help is a concept I am calling VSQO Communicare.

It will be soucred by fellow gamers, recruited and vetted following strict procedures and offer gambling advise, financial advise and any mental health advise they could need in a language they can undertsand from professionals they can trust all offered anonymously through our app platform. Only game profile information will ever be stored. It is a huge idea and concept which I am currenly doing alone over 20 hours a day 7 days a week.

I have the platform in place and standing by. The mobile app is developed and currently in beta testing. I envisage around 3 months of intensive testing before the website and app will be fully ready to launch.


Help bring this social enterprise to life. The investment I need is to fully register the business and become a non profit organisation.  The website is being set it to be funded itself with very small subscription services to bonus content and to unlock members features and areas. 

COMMUNICARE will only ever be free and will be run with any profit generated from the VSQO website. I need help though. I am an ex nurse with 15 years in the health care sector I wanted to continue to help the community regardless of my health

My tech knowledge is from 1990 and business experience is new. The organisation needs properly setting up, I need to have a better offfice and equiptment as my current vlog is poor quality. With the right investment and support i think this project has huge potential and with a full scale marketing campaign beginning.

For anyone interested I have a business plan ready to talk about and can offer information on current testing, offer you access to our testing area and provide you with the reseach involved with creating the idea and scope of VSQO.

Please contact me by email or phone if you are interested in more information

[email protected]


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