At Veganuary, we inspire and support people to try vegan during the month of January and beyond.

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Veganuary is an organization that inspires and supports people to try vegan during the month of January and beyond. We run an annual campaign to generate excitement and interest around veganism, encouraging people to just give vegan a go. Our approach is supportive, friendly, and fun. We know that changing the food we eat takes time and patience, and everyone will do it at their own pace.

Engaging consumers

Veganuary is targeted primarily at non-vegans and aims to popularise and normalise veganism. We are helping to drive a mass shift in attitudes and behaviours, moving diets towards flexitarianism and veganism with the aim of reducing consumption of meat and animal-derived products (such as dairy) which come with a high environmental cost. By shifting to diets which are higher in plant-based foods, we can evolve our food system to one which provides all of the required nutrition and positive health benefits without the negative environmental impact. 

Engaging businesses

We also work with a wide range of food producers, retailers, restaurants, and cafes to encourage them to participate in Veganuary by releasing new vegan products and offerings. It is thanks to their work that each January, Veganuary promotions can be found in businesses across the country. We understand that people are unlikely to go vegan if there are too many obstacles. Our work helps ensure that vegan products are accessible (can be purchased in the same places), affordable (priced similarly), and high quality (taste as good as, or better than meat or animal-derived products). 

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