The Vegan Lockdown Larder Recipe Book

by Ursula Lake in London, England, United Kingdom


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A downloadable, approachable, vegan recipe book for anyone who is interested in cooking delicious, nutritious food. 30% going to charity.

by Ursula Lake in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thanks to everyone who has got me to the first target! Raising some more money will mean that I will also be able to support my sister and her colleagues at Kingston Hospital,  taking them some homemade vegan food to help fuel their very gruelling shifts.  She has just beaten the virus herself and (unbelievably) was back to work a week later, so that she and her workmates could continue to do their incredible work at the hospital. 

I will also be continuing to support The Trussell Trust with a donation to their amazing work supporting 1200 food banks across the UK. 

The biggest, fattest,  thank you! I am so touched by your help. 

Hi, I'm Ursula, I am a fully qualified vegan Naturopathic chef,  trained at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am hoping to get your help to fund the creation of a downloadable, lockdown inspired,  e-recipe book, full of affordable, store cupboard-based, vegan recipes. The sort of recipes that I hope will inspire you to rummage in your larder and whip up delicious, nutrient dense feasts with the food that you have, rather than ordering another expensive takeaway!

Fundamentally, Naturopathic practitioners believe in food acting as medicine, that many illnesses and ailments can be improved or even cured by the food that we eat.  With this in mind, each recipe in the book features some background information how and why the ingredients chosen, contribute to a healthy life and a well balanced diet. It will also include tips on what to use if you are missing an ingredient, how to minimise waste, ways to combine recipes to make new meals and creating new dishes from leftovers.

I'm looking for funding because, while I am busy writing recipes and taking photographs in lockdown, I need some help designing a beautiful book, so I am working with a graphic designer. In doing so, I am also supporting another creative small business, which feels important right now.

In addition, I am donating 30 percent of the money raised, to a great charity called the Trussel Trust. The trust supports 1,200 food bank centres in the UK to provide a minimum of three days’ nutritionally-balanced emergency food to people who have been referred in crisis, as well as support to help people resolve the crises they face. 

I am hoping that this e-book will appeal to vegans, but also to anyone who is interested in incorporating more plant-based food into their diet; those who are curious to learn a few nutritional facts behind what they are eating- how protein, vitamin,  mineral dense and totally delicious vegan food can be. Also, and importantly, I hope this will give readers an insight into how good eating plant based food can make you feel, both in body and mind.

I appreciate that times are tough for us all right now, so if you can spare the money and you would like some vegan inspiration, I would really appreciate your help in getting my little project off the ground. 

Thank you so much


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