Big vegan advert for mainstream UK TV Jan/Feb 2021

by Tom from Miami Burger in Ascot, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd February 2021 we successfully raised Β£2,503 with 103 supporters in 28 days

Our aim is to raise significant funds in order to air our vegan advert on UK TV, making it as big as possible to reach millions of people.

by Tom from Miami Burger in Ascot, England, United Kingdom

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Shirin Aguiar 28th January 2021

Well done with the TV ad! Here's hoping that Cranswick Country Foods, an abattoir in Hull which gases and slaughters 7000 pigs a week, will shut down due to lack of demand for pork.

Jill Young Patchin 28th January 2021

I would absolutely love to see an advertising campaign like this in the U.S. The life of all creatures is paramount to a healthy and compassionate planet. Our task has humans is to speak for our fellow creatures who can’t. Best of luck and thank you! San Clemente, California USA

Mike Toozer 26th January 2021

Loved the advert on TV. As vegans we fully support you. People need to understand that meat isn't born into little plastic trays in the supermarket but young animals are killed in terror for them to eat it. To paraphrase Linda McCartney, if slaughterhouses had glass walls none of us would eat meat. Mike and Wendy

dawn-b 26th January 2021

I have just seen the advert on TV and looked it up on the internet to try to encourage more. Well done for doing this.

Helen Parsley 19th January 2021

People need to connect what they eat to the reality of unnecessary suffering to innocent animals in the meat and dairy industry...people have become disconnected to the reality last a real thought provoking advert ..well done Israel.

SailorGirl 13th January 2021

This advert is such a great way of helping people make the connection with what they are putting on their plates. It is not graphic so very effective. Thank you.

David O'Reilly 13th January 2021

I hope this advert will begin to reverse the complete disconnect that so many have with where their fod comes from and to understand that what they think is "cute" is actually cruel.

Chryseis McLaren 9th January 2021

Non-human animals are as sentient, could enjoy life with their children and families like the luckiest of us they are mostly more emotionally responsive as the thinking brains are not as large...oh the damage our thinking brain has done to the most vulnerable. Please help others learn. Cx

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