Fundraising for new equipment.

by Valor Combat Systems in Market Drayton, England, United Kingdom

Fundraising for new equipment.

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Fundraising for new equipment to adapt to Covid restrictions. Enabling children and adults to learn Martial Arts in a safe environment.

by Valor Combat Systems in Market Drayton, England, United Kingdom

Valor Combat Systems is a community based Martial Arts organisation incorporating Valor Ju Jitsu, Valor Precision Combat and Valor Universal Weapons Academy styles, which offer classes in various Community Centres and Schools within Shropshire since 2009. Tuition is provided from the age of 4 years upwards, inclusive for impaired mobility.

All of our Martial Arts styles are taught in a modern, progressive way, instructing self-defence whilst building personal development in confidence, self-control, determination, perseverance and self-esteem. All students are taught respect, considered a core value and expected to demonstrate this to both their Sensei (Club Coach) and peers. Martial Arts provides self-discipline with clear structure and rules, helping to instil good values throughout life.

Techniques are broken down into small stages to help the student learn gradually. Repetition of movements aids fluidity, understanding, spatial awareness and co-ordination. Emphasis on self-control and concentration is taught to help the students maintain focus with their partner (uke) – resulting in improved teamwork and socialisation skills.

Covid restrictions have significantly impacted our classes by limiting the numbers of students allowed to train at one time. Also not allowing direct contact unless they are family members. 

Isolation and limited socialising due to Covid regulations, have significantly increased mental health issues, particularly in the under 16 age range. 

Valor Combat Systems is conscious of continuing to provide ‘adjusted’ classes, hoping to aid self-worth and maintain a social routine.

We are looking to develop a wider range of methods to engage our students. Any potential funding will help to provide these options through a variety of means e.g. new freestanding punch/kick bags, fitness equipment and mats.

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