Vans Without Borders - Saving Ukrainian Lives

by Jack Ross in Ukraine

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To raise enough funds to ensure we can continue to supply vulnerable Ukrainians with essential and emergency supplies.

by Jack Ross in Ukraine

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So far we at Vans Without Borders (powered by your generosity) have helped thousands of desperate and vulnerable Ukrainians who have become impoverished due to Russian aggression.

Alongside directly supporting those in areas devastated by Russia we have also teamed up with a variety of organisations that support individuals ranging from children in hospices to groups that support children with Down syndrome, and also retirement homes who have been left without assistance as a result of the conflict.

We have orchestrated several major operations across Ukraine, with our teams supplying vulnerable refugees and civilians in every major city of Ukraine - from Donetsk Oblast to Zhaporesia and Kherson. We ensure that no Ukrainians are forgotten or left behind. We also help areas such as Chernihiv, a remote town 20km from the Belarussian border that was totally flattened by Russia and has been largely ignored by international aid organisations.


We want to continue providing aid to desperate hotspot regions such as Sumy, Donetsk, Kherson, Zhaporesia and Kharkiv as well as affected towns across Ukraine - all of which have limited (if any) heating, water and electricity - but we need your help.

To fill our van with canned food and essential supplies - sourced from a local Ukrainian business - it costs around £1,500.


Since arriving in Ukraine we have seen absolute devastation with entire civilian communities levelled by the Russian war machine, we have heard ongoing fighting, and stories of how Russian soldiers tortured and killed locals - for no other reason than to demoralise the region in an effort to force them to surrender.

The Ukrainian people are resilient and have a strong sense of community which has helped them survive so far, but if we are to avoid mass deaths as a consequence of malnutrition and starvation we must act now.

Any funds you give will be spent directly on aid - sourced from local businesses - for vulnerable Ukrainian people

Since launching our life-saving work has been featured in The Telegraph, The Sun, on GB News, the BBC, The Express and in Portsmouth News.


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