Urgent Assistance Needed: Removal of Debts

by Leilinha in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Urgent Assistance Needed: Removal of Debts
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What I urgently require is legal counsel and assistance to extricate myself from this unjust entanglement.

by Leilinha in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom


I come to you in a time of dire need, seeking your assistance in resolving a financial predicament that has placed an overwhelming burden on my shoulders. The crux of the issue lies in a van finance arrangement that I entered into with my ex-boyfriend. While he diligently completed the payments for the van in March, complications arose due to contractual obligations preventing the transfer of ownership. Despite my ex-boyfriend being the sole driver of the van throughout our arrangement, I find myself ensnared in a web of debts resulting from his numerous traffic violations.

To clarify, I have never once operated the van nor assumed responsibility for its insurance payments. However, the repercussions of his actions have now manifested in the form of debts pursued by a Bailiff company, all under my name. It's a harrowing ordeal, one that threatens to unravel the financial stability I've worked tirelessly to maintain.

What I urgently require is legal counsel and assistance to extricate myself from this unjust entanglement. The debts incurred are not of my making, yet they loom ominously over my financial future. It is imperative that I find a resolution swiftly to avoid any further deterioration of my financial standing.

Your support can make all the difference in this uphill battle. By contributing to cover the legal fees required to navigate this complex legal landscape, you'll not only assist me in reclaiming my financial freedom but also uphold the principles of fairness and justice.

Your generosity during this challenging time would mean more to me than words can express. Together, we can ensure that I emerge from this ordeal unscathed and equipped to face whatever challenges lie ahead. 

Thank you for considering my plea, and for any assistance you can provide.



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