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The aim of this project is to give people who dont agree with the way things are being done by government another option

Since Jan 2020 the world has been literally flipped on its head with the arrival of the novel Coronavirus and we've seen an unprecedented amount of law changes and policy changes, not to mention major economy crashes all over the world, for nothing more than the common flu!

Each week we are seeing more and more of our basic human rights being stripped away from us in exchange for so called security! 

We would like set up a Cooperative  The aim of this Co-op is to bring free minded and critical thinking people together. To build a community where we can all support one another and have freedom of speech. A diverse community of people from all walks of life, all religions and creeds, with no exclusions. This co-op is of the people and for the people. We want to build a future for generations to come where there are no corporations grotesquely growing in wealth whilst the rest of us suffer economic instability and have to live in a 'New Normal' that leaves us with no rights or freedoms. Medical freedom is something we are extremely worried about right now with the global push for mandatory vaccinations. This along with the plans for a world wide smart grid using UNTESTED 5G technology are major concerns for us! We would like to be self sufficient and live without the need to rely on the system that has enslaved us for so many years. Restoring the peaceful life we once had many centuries ago, where love, happiness, sustenance in abundance and the freedom to simply be, were available to every man, woman and child. Abolishing consumerism, depression, loneliness, fear and hunger. We feel it is time to stand united against the tyranny that is now so obviously upon us. The totalitarian tiptoe is now a sprint and united together we aim to change the future for our children and all living things on this beautiful planet. Planet earth has suffered for long enough at the hands of mans selfishness, ignorance and greed. It must stop and it must stop NOW! 

Please Donate Now and make this dream a reality for so many in our communities.

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