Help Underwood Bar & Kitchen through Covid-19

by Underwood Bar & Kitchen in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Help Underwood Bar & Kitchen through Covid-19

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Help our staff and Underwood as a restaurant and bar to survive Covid-19

by Underwood Bar & Kitchen in Bath, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 2nd June 2020 we'd raised £160 with 4 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Hi Guys! 

Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. 

We're Underwood, a family-owned and run independent restaurant in Bath, situated on the wonderful Pulteney Bridge. We (my sister and I) opened after years and years of hard work. I worked as a Head Chef at many restaurants in Europe over the course of 14 years, with my sister having catering, pastry and director experience spanning the last 20 years. Opening a restaurant has been a dream since childhood for both of us, and having achieved that was incredible for us. The idea of not being able to reopen after this passes is completely heartbreaking for us.

This is not something that we are used to doing or thought we'd ever had to do, so with a gulp of courage, here goes!

As everyone is aware, Covid-19 has arrived and put millions of day-to-day lives on pause. All sectors of our world we have gotten used to, have come to a very sudden (albeit important and very necessary) halt. This, of course, has hit Underwood as part of the catering and hospitality industry in its very first year of being open. 

Our restaurant, being open for only a year, has been through many things already. Alongside traditional teething problems, with the help of all of our wonderful guests and incredible staff, we have managed to achieve some things beyond our belief, such as ranking in the top 5 Sunday Roasts in the UK and having the privilege of becoming finalists in the Bath Life Awards 2020. 

Which is why, now, we ask for your help more than ever. 

Our lovely staff, from the front of house to our kitchen team, have consistently put in their efforts and energy into making Underwood the warm place you know. 

It breaks our hearts knowing the struggle and uncertainty that they're currently facing. 

Due to an HMRC technological glitch affecting a few businesses, our entire staff team have been denied furlough due to HMRC seeing that all staff have been employed after the furlough cut off point (20/03/20). 

We have been told that they are unsure as to when this will be sorted, meaning an uncertain foreseeable future for our team. 

Any funds will first go to our staff, ensuring they have a proper wage, as well as our overheads, supplier debts and taxes. 

With loans becoming less likely and being a small, independent business in its crucial first years of opening, we are asking for any help and support you can spare- allowing Underwood to continue welcoming guests and brightening a few hours of your day! 

Many thanks and hopefully see you on the other side, 

Andrew & Inna Dombrowski 


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