Umity - Instant Way to Socialise

by Vladislav Mulyukov in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Umity - Instant Way to Socialise

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New-era meetup app where everything works on a map. Turn on your signal, write what do you want to do and find the right people around you.

by Vladislav Mulyukov in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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The Idea

We are developing a meetup mobile application, however, it is unlike any other such application on the market. We use a revolutionising map system which allows users to connect in real life in a matter of minutes. We do not limit ourselves to just one specific direction like dating, instead our app can be used for any type of social activity - finding a company of 5 people for a pub, a partner for a tennis match, organising a university event, hosting a houseparty, splitting a cost of a taxi, networking, gathering volunteers for a charity, finding a photographer for a photoshoot or someone to walk your dog, the examples are endless - the only limit is your imagination. This app has potential to become the main app people would need to socialise with each other offline, in real life. Our main target audiences and those who could benefit the most from Umity are university students, tourists, freelancers and neighbours.

How does it work?

1) To find people you need to turn on your signal which will add your approximate location on the map and to write what are your plans and why are you looking for people. The location that will be shown on the map is chosen randomly in the area around you. You can adjust the size of the randomising area to your preference. If you don't have a particular idea of an activity that you want to propose, you can just turn on the signal without it and browse for available activities around you.

2) After the signal is turned on you will be able to see all other active users around you and look for the people and events which match your interests and plans the most. You will be able to browse either on the map or an expandable scroll menu with various filters and sorting methods (e.g. closest distance to me). After finding people or activities you like you can either request to join them or send an invitation for them to join you.

1630937108_capture_map.png1630936675_capture_location.png3) The other person receives the notification and if they approve your request, Umity will create a chat between you to sort out any other further details. You will be able to share you exact location with a person or just agree to meet at a certain place.

We have a road-map in place with future improvements and updates which include but are not limited to: custom map with different colours, landmark symbols, multi-coloured signal icons, skins/themes for your profile, map and certain elements in the UI, end-to-end encryption of messages, favourite places, favourite signals, selfie verification, option to share a link to a group etc.

Background of Creation

The development of the idea came from the problem that Vladislav saw in the modern world - it is hard to quickly find and meet people that share your interests and motivations. All the other apps are very specialised and mostly about meeting through swiping, which not only takes a lot of time but also is generally a poor approach to socialising. We wanted to create a platform where it would feel natural for unfamiliar people to interact with each other in real life and create experiences at the right time and place. We like to believe that Umity is not just an app, but also an outgoing and open-minded philosophy. The technical part of the process is managed by Dmitry, a director of a custom software development company Solutions Plus who is committed to deliver the top-quality software to the users. Vladislav and Dmitry share a common vision and are both determined to bring Umity to the world.

Competitors and Advantages

Due to a very diverse nature of the implications of the idea, we have a lot of competitors in form of other meeting apps of different specialisations such as networking, dating, sports and others. What mainly sets us apart from everyone else is the map interface which brings a lot of significant advantages over our competitors. 

First of all, comparing to other applications Umity is instantaneous. From the moment you open Umity you are able to meet people in real life in a matter of minutes. (Thus the slogan "Instant way to socialise") 

Secondly, Umity is way more diverse and convenient. Why would you have several different apps for different types of activities and pay for several subscriptions when you can have it all in one convenient and easy to use application? 

Thirdly, it feels more natural to socialise this way. Our research showed that due to the pre-agreed activity people may find it smoother to socialise as they will automatically share some common interests with their group and have something to do from the beginning. 

Moreover, Umity is one of the few apps which integrates group meetings as well as one-on-one.

Business Model

At the first stages of development, Umity will not have any in-app purchases until there is an established and widespread customer base. We are determined to affordably price our services to reach out to more people and are considering additional student discounts.

Umity has 3 main sources of revenue: subscriptions, advertisements and skins/themes for the app.

Skins/themes: In later development we will introduce an in-app shop for skins/themes for the UI. The design changes will affect the appearance of the map, certain buttons and your profile which other people will be able to see and access. P.S. we will offer free skins to all users during certain global events. (e.g. Halloween)

Advertisement: We will introduce a second optional "layer" for the map where establishments will be able to create signal-advertisements to display certain events which are happening at their venue. (e.g. live music in a pub)

Subscriptions: Umity has 2 types of monthly subscriptions - Plus and Premium. Free version will be limited to 3 new real meetings per day (a chat opens once both sides accept the invitation to join each other) and a search radius of 3-5km around you. "Top signal" is a single use signal which will be visible to everyone one the map even if your search area is limited, it will have a custom animation and will show up at the top of the list of signals around you. Subscriptions will also give you a number of free skins every month.

Current Stage of the Development

At this moment we have already developed and completed market research, interviews, user flow, branding, MVP design and almost finished coding the app. Umity will be available on both Android and Apple, however the Apple version is first to be released by the end of October 2021. Android version will follow 1-2 months after.


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