To The Roots: A Yoga Class For India

To The Roots: A Yoga Class For India


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Started on 24th May 2021 York, England, United Kingdom

For many of us, yoga is a part of our everyday. Often we practice this South Asian tradition without really thinking much of its lineage, but not today. Join us for this public donation-based class where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charities that support the COVID crisis as it worsens in India.

Katarina Tavcar—from Wild Thing Yoga and The Yoga Revolution—will begin this class with a story right from the yogic tradition. Expect philosophy and mythology to be weaved with mantra, breath and movement to help you connect to this yoga practice and its tradition. You'll be transported to peace, ease, and a grounded sense of joy through this class.

 This session is about giving back to the culture that have given us our practice—whether you're new to yoga, or a seasoned shape-maker—and it feels only right be give back in their times of struggle.

 All levels, experiences and cultures welcome. The only requirement is an open mind to experience a yoga practice in a way that you might not have experienced it yet. Any and all donations are welcome. Let's feel good and do good.


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24th May 2021 at 12:19pm