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by Molly McNamara-Langton in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

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The COVID-19 crisis has interrupted the production of our short film Twenty Marks, but the team are determined to bring it to the big screen

by Molly McNamara-Langton in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 29th June 2020 we'd raised £3,123 with 48 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the production of our short film, Twenty Marks, but our talented team are determined to bring this film to the screen and to the European film festival circuit. Our original screen play, by Daniel Luke Allen, introduces us to complex characters caught up in a story of trust and betrayal. 


In 1942 Nazi occupied France, Father Maximilian's church lies in ruins as fighting rages near by. The stained-glass windows are shattered and the roof ripped open, exposing his religious treasures to the elements. He mourns the deterioration of his church, and in his eyes, his priesthood. His desperation to restore his church and his name to its former glory leads him to fraternising and trading with the anti-Semitic regime. His choice lies between saving appearances or maintaining his virtue…

Our Aim

Our short film will explore how maturity and adulthood breeds conflict in ideology, religion and politics, while the consequences are often felt by children who are yet to understand the complexity of the world around them. Through our protagonist, Father Maximillian, we explore sanctimonious religion and the lengths humans will go to in order to preserve normality. These themes maintain relevance as while Twenty Marks takes place during the Second World War, these acts of violent narcissism and racism still occur in war zones around the world today.

Meet our Cast & Crew

Our team (left to right): Savas Alpaltun (Producer/Director), Molly McNamara-Langton (Producer), Aso Sherabayani (Casting Director), Daniel Luke Allen (Scrip Writer & Sound Assistance), Saneki Basundhara (First AC), Noel Jacop (First AD), Samson Nwoke (Second AC), Sam Snape (Script Advisor).

Our team also includes, Mike Wyeld (Sound Designer), Howard Berry (Editor and Color Grader), Cem Topal (Director of Photography), Bulent Vedat Balta (Director of Photography), Guray Varol (Light Director), Hamish Macleod (Art Director & Set Designer) and Jean Arthur (Costume Designer).

Father Maximilian (David Lee) a priest so attached to the material wealth of his church he is willing to. Lee is an experienced actor in film, theatre and television along side his career teaching acting and working as the Director of the Portsmouth Youth Theatre.  

Hannah (Saria Steel) is a mother of two young children who she is desperate to protect while they flee persecution by the anti-semitic Nazi regime. Steel is a film and television actress, who is playing Hannah in our short film, Twenty Marks. Hannah  Saria Steel is best know for her performances in the films Headache (2018) and Injustice (2017) as well as on the long running BBC series Silent Witness (2017).

Hans (Tom Fyans) a young man trying to protect Hannah and her children during the Second World War. Fyans is an actor and producer. His credits include The Last Kingdom (2015) and The King (2019) as well as Shadow and Bone a new TV series currently in post production. 

Sophie (Carol Been) a nun who serves the parish alongside Father Maximilian. While Sophie is devastated by the ruin of their church, she shows strong moral character even in her grief. Carol Been is an actor and dancer. She is best know for her roles in Dumbo (2018), The Conjuring 2 (2016) and Alice through the Looking Glass (2016). 

The Lieutenant (Christopher Sherwood) who is hunting down Hannah and her children. Chris is an experienced actor in theatre, film and television. In his most recent short, Mr. Alan on Saturday, he was nominated as Best Lead Actor at the Madrid International Film Festival. 

The Craftsman (Aso Sherabayani) who stands to gain from the conflict and so turns a blind eye to suffering. Aso Sherabayani is an actor and writer who was born in Kurdistan during the turmoil of the Iran Iraq war, an experience which inspires his creative work. His acting credits include American Assassin (2017) and many short films. He won the Best Actor for the short film Seminar (2006) at the Sulaymaniyah Film Festival.

Your Support

The British film industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and supporting our short film will help our talented team kickstart their career in this challenging climate. We have already cast all actors and have arranged the set to build at History in the Making Studio's, Portsmouth. We need to raise £10,000 in order to cover the cost of equipment hire, transporting the cast, catering for on set days, studio hire, expenses, post-production, colour grading and sound design. In addition, we will be entering into British and International film festivals which will require paying an entry fee. Everyone who contributes to our film will receive a special thank you in the final credits of the film.

We have big ambition for our film, thank you for making it a reality!


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