Tufted Trove Opening Community Crafts & Workshop

by Tufted Trove in Peterlee, County Durham, United Kingdom

Tufted Trove Opening Community Crafts & Workshop

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Creatives are calling for Rug Tufting Workshops! Empower hobbyists, friends and families to create their own Textile Arts in a social hub.

by Tufted Trove in Peterlee, County Durham, United Kingdom

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On the 17th September 2023 we'd raised £10 with 1 supporters in 49 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Empowering Creativity: Join Tufted Trove's Rug Tufting Revolution in County Durham!

Dear Supporters,

Welcome to our Crowdfunder Campaign! With your support, we aim to bring the students and citizens of County Durham a vibrant, charismatic, social events and workshop space and expand my brand in the Creative Industry space.

Donations will allow me to move from a home studio into a brick and mortar commercial space, with the right health and safety regulations, to be able to hold daily rug tufting classes and sessions.

Materials and equipment will also be sourced from funds raised.

But that's not all – this new space will be unlike any other rug tufting experience!

I will offer the same fun rug tufting workshops, as other rug tufting businesses in the UK and around the world provide, as well as introduce to the space a special Commission Counter!  Unlike traditional workshops, this unique concept will allow individuals, who may not have the capability to make a rug themselves, to still bring their custom designs to life. I am keen to promote inclusivity and enable everyone to participate in the art of rug tufting! In addition, my experience and background in working with people with disabilities ensures a welcoming environment for all

In County Durham, Tufted Trove will hold day-to-day workshop sessions, while working on commission orders at the Commission Counter.. I want to create a space where everyone feels comfortable, inspired, and part of a supportive community. 

Your generous contributions will enable me to:

1. Acquire the materials and equipment needed for a safe suitable workshop space for rug tufting, glueing, and carving. Creative Decor and fun interior design for the studio as I strive to provide the best resources for our artists to flaunt their creativity.

2. Open a Creative Hub in County Durham, complete with a Commission Counter for professional, tufted custom designs, allowing me to cater to a wider audience and spread the joy of rug tufting to even more people. 

3. Inclusivity & Assistance: Ensure the new workshop is equipped with adaptive tools and facilities, enabling people of all abilities to participate comfortably. Tufted Trove will be on hand to provide any necessary assistance, making this a truly inclusive venture.

4. Warm and Inviting Environment: Create a customer environment that is open, inviting, and encourages social interaction. We want our workshops to be a place where creativity thrives and memorable moments are made.

Every contribution matters, no matter the size. By backing this campaign, you are supporting a vision that promotes creativity, inclusivity, and social connections. Help me bring more smiles and beautifully crafted rugs into the world!

Together, let's embark on this journey of artistic expression and community building. Join Tufted Trove in revolutionizing rug tufting and making textile arts accessible to all.

 Thank you for being part of my dream.

Get involved by pledging now for this amazing creative industry opportunity, and secure your spot in the heart of Tufted Trove's creative journey!

If the crowdfunding campaign exceeds its initial goal, Tufted Trove can Give Back to the Community in various meaningful ways:

**Workshop Improvements:** Enhance the workshop environment, adding seating, creative lighting, and professional tools to provide an even better experience for workshop participants. -Sessions can include **Bring Your Own Mirror** so that creatives may Tuft the perfect outer frame for their mirror. I could also include Mirrors as part of the studio's materials, so that tufters will not have to risk bringing in their own for the Mirror Tufting workshop sessions. 

**Free Rug Tufting Workshops:** Offer as many people in the community to put their name into a 'hat' and one, or more, lucky winners will be given the opportunity to attend a workshop session for free! Hosting these free rug tufting workshops for community members, encouraging creativity and providing an opportunity for people to learn a new skill and create something beautiful for their homes or university dorms.

**Pop-Up Events:** Host pop-up rug tufting events in different locations, including festivals, markets, and community arts events, to introduce the art form to new audiences and build a broader customer base.

**Artistic Merchandise:** Create merchandise related to Tufted Trove rug tufting, such as tufted frames, art prints, keyrings, etc. to sell online and in the studio, providing additional revenue streams.

**Small Business Collaborations:** Partner with other small businesses to create limited-edition designs for products, hosting events in studio where small businesses who don't yet have a store can bring their stock in to sell and develop their brand awareness and customer base! Supporting local artisans and promoting cross-industry collaboration.

**Online Tutorials:** Make creative online; tutorials catering to a global audience interested in learning rug tufting techniques and following our journey.

**Educational Workshops:** Offer specialized workshops on rug tufting techniques, processes, and sustainable practices, catering to those seeking advanced skills and knowledge.

 **School Art Programs:** Collaborate with Secondary Schools, Sixth-Forms, or College to introduce Rug Tufting into their Textiles or Art curriculums. Supporting creativity and fostering students' self-expression. Tufted Trove has 4+ years' experience working with young people and in the education industry!

**Donations to Schools and Community Centers:** Donate Sensory textiles products for SEND young people in schools, or community centers, and public spaces, adding vibrancy and comfort to these communal areas.

**Community Art Exhibitions:** Host regular art exhibitions featuring rug tufting pieces made by community members, allowing local artists to showcase their work and gain exposure. Other artists will also be welcomed to join at any events we hold, celebrating different art forms and encouraging artistic cross-pollination!

**Community Art Installations:** Organize community art projects to create large-scale rugs collaboratively with local authorities and charities. Display these artworks in public spaces, or community centers to showcase local talent and add beauty to the surroundings.

**Artist Residency Programs:** Establish artist residency programs where artists from different backgrounds and cultures can work together in the studio, fostering artistic exchange and cultural understanding.

**Art Scholarships:** Create scholarships for aspiring artists, including rug tufting enthusiasts, to attend art schools or workshops, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their pursuit of creativity.

**Community Events and Festivals:** Sponsor and participate in local community events and festivals, showcasing the art of rug tufting and engaging with the public to raise awareness about creative opportunities in the area to reduce loneliness and increase the 'things to do'!

**Seniors' Art Workshops:** Organize rug tufting workshops tailored to seniors, with discounted rates, offering them a creative outlet and an opportunity to socialize and engage with others in the community. Or other Upcycling projects that a senior may enjoy doing! Bring your own item to upholster etc.

 **Mental Health Initiatives:** Collaborate with mental health organizations to develop art therapy resources, such as colouring books or journals, which can be used in between workshops, social / waiting areas, or digital downloads made available for free to support mental well-being at home.

**Art Therapy Programs:** Partner with local organizations and charities to offer art therapy programs, where individuals facing challenges or stress can find solace and healing through the therapeutic aspects of rug tufting.

**Art for Fundraising:** Create unique rugs specifically for fundraising purposes, with proceeds going to local charities or causes that benefits the community.

**Rugs for Charities:** Create and donate specially designed rugs, wall art, or other tufted creations to local charities, or organizations supporting vulnerable populations. The rugs can provide comfort to those in need, including people who are being provided housing and cannot as easily afford something nice for their home. I believe that everyone deserves a piece of tufted happiness.

**Charitable Donations:** Set aside a portion of the funds to make charitable donations to causes that align with Huffletuft and Tufted Trove's values, furthering their positive impact on society.

**Green Initiatives:** Implement eco-friendly practices in the workshop and collaborate with environmental organizations to create rugs using recycled materials (recycled cotton) or sustainable fibers, promoting responsible consumption. To raise awareness on Waste and Responsible Business habits by ensuring fabric and materials donations are made wherever possible.

By giving back to the community through these projects and events, Tufted Trove can make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many people, enriching the community through art, creativity, and social engagement.

By utilizing the funds in these diverse ways, Tufted Trove can not only support their own growth, but also foster a strong sense of community engagement, creativity, and social responsibility. These initiatives will not only benefit the business but also create a ripple effect of positivity and inspiration for those served.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Tufted Trove

Instagram: @TuftedTrove

Facebook: Tufting From Laura Tufted Trove 


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£90 or more

Free Rug Tufting Session (2 Hours)

Once I have a studio in Durham, you will be invited for a free session! Remember to contact me with your info.

£10 or more

Shout Out!

I want to Thank Everyone who provides Support on this creative journey. Be sure to leave your handle so that I can tag you and give you some well deserved praise for contributing to this campaign.

£15 or more

Exclusive Studio Tour

If you are interested in some behind the scenes content, then look no further! I will send you a compilation of classic memories as the studio develops. *I will require your WhatsApp or email to send content!*

£20 or more

Personalized Art Print from Tufted Trove

To show my appreciation, Tufted Trove will design for you a personalised thank you art print for your support and donation. Feel free to add any requests!

£35 or more

Free Mug Rug Coaster

Tufted Trove will create a Punch Needle Coaster of your Choice! It can be your favourite fruit or veggie, a miniature portrait of your pet, you get you choose! Maybe you're thinking of giving your reward as a gift...

£50 or more

Complimentary Stall at 'Small Businesses Unite'

Support me in acquiring this Social Hub x Workshop space in County Durham, and be rewarded with a token to hold your own Complimentary Stall when I host my first Small Businesses Unite Event! Bring your stock to sell, or leaflets and promotion for your service to the customers and attendees of the Social Hub. *Copies of your Public Liability Insurance and any required licencing ie. Food and Hygeine, for your business will be needed at event.

£150 or more

Tufting and Carving Session (4 Hours)

Once Open, you will be invited to the studio to design, prep and tuft up a larger rug and also have the time to carve out the fine details! This is the perfect way to treat yourself to a creative self care session while having the opportunity to meet other people. Don't forget your coffee in a travel cup!

£350 or more

In Studio Tufting Party (3 hours)

Want to host a private function in the studio with you and up to 3 guests? Bring them along for a tufting session of 3 hours for a friendly experience of crafting your own rugs and have some time for carving, too! Once I have a studio open! I will provide vouchers to anyone opting in so please get in touch with your contact info!

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