The Tomlinson Ryan Trust

by the-tomlinson-ryan-trust in Doncaster

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Louis Tomlinson and John Ryan have a big idea. The pair have teamed up to help create an ambitious new trust for Doncaster Rovers FC.

by the-tomlinson-ryan-trust in Doncaster

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demetra.tomlinson 13th November 2014

Hey Louis if you're reading this right now i am soooo sorry that you are not taking over the club you truly do deserve it i will always be a fan of you and the doncaster rovers Plz follow me on twitter at @Demetrabieber14 i love you so much loads of love from Canada Demetra <3

aeber_86 17th July 2014

Hi Louis :) If you\'re reading this right now, I just wanted to say that I am soooo sorry you\'re not taking over the club :( You TRULY deserve it and so do the fans and players! ;) I am soooo gutted! :\'( I\'m also sorry that you were misled! I believe all of us were! :-/ I will always be a fan of you and the Rovers! :D #Roverstillidie PLEEEEASE follow me on my twitter accounts: @lwt4eva24 @Boobear_Updates I looooove you Louis!!! <3 ~Annie :)

frenchy-hl 17th July 2014

Hello , i\'m so so sad to hear this bad news ... i\'m french and not even from doncaster but i was really proud to support this project ... i\'m so sad for all the Rover\'s team and for Louis too, he\'s a really good person is not sufficiently appreciated at its true value.... and he deserve to be successful in everything he does..... i hope the best for the future ...and for the Rovers .... Lydia @rockaroundme

sheltiemum1 17th July 2014

I\'m deeply saddened that the project was unsuccessful. I really wish that the deadline could\'ve been extended. And I really wish you would\'ve just kept my donation. I don\'t want it back. And I don\'t need a reward. Just wanted to help Louis, John, and the Rovers... I hope you know that, Louis. Lots of love from Canada. - Debbie @sheltiemum1

aeber_86 17th July 2014

I\'m SO sorry Louis and John that you did not reach your goal! :( I honestly think there wasn\'t enough time! :-\\ between Louis and the tour he didn\'t have a whole lot of time to help promote the project. Hopefully they\'re will be another chance because I\'ll be honored to pledge again! ;) Love, ~ Annie @lwt4eva24 @Boobear_Updates #GoRovers

shaziya_shiyam 17th July 2014

+ Sorry you couldn\'t reach the goal. But what you are doing is great babe! I\'m so proud to call you my idol. Keep doing what you are doing i love you. twitter - fcxksizzlinzayn

shaziya_shiyam 17th July 2014

+ But please i dont want anything of mine refunded. I badly want those items coz i wont be able to come to Doncaster (coz school) so at least i can wear them here & support you. +

shaziya_shiyam 17th July 2014

Hi Louis. i pledged for four things but today (now) i got an email saying the money is refunded for one item... I think it should be the CLUB 28 SQUAD SHIRT. Ugh i\'m not sure coz my mum is handling all these. +

almalidia 17th July 2014

Louis I am very very sad that you won\'t have the selfies, is very unfair that they have not informed that if it is not reaching the goal not be would do the project. See notification of refund of money meant that you won\'t know. Louis live in mexico and I went to your debut for the team at Doncaster, I went to your concert in argentina and uruguay and I could not see you, this was my chance and will not achieve it. Sad very sad

aeber_86 17th July 2014

Oh babe I wish the project could\'ve been extended!!! There just wasn\'t enough time! :( I\'m still proud of you no matter what!!! ;) pleeeease keep my money though! :D ~ Annie @lwt4eva24 @Boobear_Updates

aeber_86 17th July 2014

Louis I\'m still keeping my fingers crossed for you! ;) I think you should extend the deadline until you come to the States! :D I\'m sure you\'ll definitely succeed by then! Even though you already have over and over again! ;) Love you lots like jelly tots!!! <3 ~ Annie @lwt4eva24 @Boobear_Updates

kate-martin 16th July 2014

I\'m so sorry we didn\'t reach the amount required sad ! But hope you\'ll reach your goal Louis. You deserve it. We are so proud of you and of what you do for your town and your club. So generous. Big love From France with all my support

aeber_86 16th July 2014

Louis, I completely agree with @sheltimum1 I want you to keep my money! :) I hope either way you can still use all the money towards your project! ;) ~ Annie @lwt4eva24 @Boobear_Updates

sheltiemum1 16th July 2014

Louis & John, Please keep the money I donated. I don\'t need a reward. Just knowing I helped the team is reward enough. Please!! I\'m so proud of you Lou! So much love and admiration from me to you. @sheltiemum1 (Debbie)

aeber_86 16th July 2014

I know there\'s only one day left Louis but you never can happen! ;) either way I\'m SO proud of you and all of your achievements! ;) You are such an inspiration...a leader of happiness and success! You\'ve stolen my heart and cured me of all and any pain. Not a day goes by that I don\'t think of you :) anyone to cross paths with you is the luckiest person alive! ;) I really hope that one day I get that lucky chance! :D Keep your chin up and spirits high! Best of luck to you and John! <3 ~ Annie :)

angelaxhoran 16th July 2014

Louis if you\'re reading this.. just know that we are so proud of you, and I feel so honored to be a part of this wonderful project. I know how much this means to you. No matter what the end result is, it\'s a success. Best wishes to you and Ryan!!!! *sending hugs from America* Love, Angela

aeber_86 15th July 2014

Is everyone that has twitter or Facebook helping spread the word?! :) I\'ve been posting this tweet since the start: I pledged to a great project #TheTomlinsonRyanTrust @crowdfunderuk @drfc_official @Louis_Tomlinson 2 days left! :)⚽ I\'m trying my hardest to get as many people aware of this as possible for Louis and John! :D I really want to see them succeed on this! <3 ~ Annie @lwt4eva @Boobear_Updates

aeber_86 15th July 2014

I also would like to know the same thing as hide.grensbtaten like how to bump up your pledge? :) Come on people we\'ve got this!!! We need to help make Louis\' dream come true!!! <3 ~ Annie @lwt4eva24 @Boobear_Updates ⚽


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£5 or more

£5 Reward

EXCLUSIVE JOHN RYAN THANK YOU VIDEO direct to your inbox which you can share on your social media pages. Tell the world you've got behind his project!

£5 or more

£5 Reward

EXCLUSIVE PAUL DICKOV THANK YOU VIDEO direct to your inbox which you can share on your social media pages. Tell the world you've got behind the project!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

EXCLUSIVE TRUST WRISTBAND - featuring Louis' squad number '28', his tattoo and the project's hashtag. Show your support for #FansUnited!

£10 or more

10 of 10000 claimed

£10 Reward

EXCLUSIVE 16 PAGE TRUST PROGRAMME. Get your hands on the exclusive 16-page Trust programme through the post and find out why Louis is buying Doncaster Rovers. See what his plans are as co-Chairman and read exclusive interviews with John, the manager plus the players. It will also be packed with pictures, interviews and the latest updates from the Trust.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

EXCLUSIVE LOUIS TOMLINSON THANK YOU VIDEO direct to your inbox which you can share on your social media pages. Tell the world you've got behind his project!

£15 or more

£15 Reward

SUPPORTERS SCARF. Get the Louis 'Club 28' supporters scarf in the post, in Rovers' red and white hoops! It features Louis' squad number.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

JOIN LOUIS AND JOHNS ONLINE TEAM. Add your face and name alongside Louis and John on the Trust's new website as a permanent reminder of your role in the project, then share it to your social media pages.

£25 or more

28 of 20000 claimed

£25 Reward

BRONZE CLUB 28 MEMBER for a season, a great way to get involved with the Trust. You'll receive a digital membership pack, the exclusive 'thank you' video from Louis, the project's wristband and the Trust programme. You'll also get 10% off soccer schools and official club merchandise and limited access to a new digital channel with a monthly update by Louis.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

EXCLUSIVE CLUB 28 T-SHIRT. Join the team! Get your hands on the Trust's new 'Club 28' T-shirt in return for your pledge, featuring Louis' squad number.

£35 or more

23 of 5000 claimed

£35 Reward

KEEPMOAT STADIUM SUPPORTERS WALL. Your permanent place in Doncaster Rovers’ history. Add you, or your business, to the Trust's new supporters' wall at the Keepmoat Stadium. Become part of the of the club for years to come!

£50 or more

8 of 10000 claimed

£50 Reward

SILVER CLUB 28 MEMBER for a season. In addition to the Bronze benefits and your digital membership pack you'll get unlimited access to Doncaster Rovers’ new digital channel, which will feature regular content by Louis, John and the manager. You'll also receive 10% off soccer schools and official club merchandise.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

CLUB 28 SQUAD SHIRT. In return for your pledge you will receive the Trust's limited edition 'Club 28' squad shirt, exclusively designed by Louis himself featuring his squad number.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

CLUB 28 HOODY, featuring Louis' squad number.

£75 or more

£75 Reward

TEAM LOUIS SUPPORTERS PACK. Receive the ultimate Team Louis 'Club 28' rewards - get the wristband, Louis 'thank you' message, programme, video, your face on the website and his exclusively designed squad shirt in return for your great pledge!

£100 or more

23 of 1000 claimed

£100 Reward

GOLD CLUB 28 MEMBER for a season. On top of everything you receive as a Silver member, including your digital membership pack, you will have your say on decisions around the club such as kit design, pre-match playlists, programme covers, web features and man-of-the-match awards via special online polls. You'll also get priority on big games and events at the Keepmoat Stadium plus entry into the Gold Members ‘Louis’ prize draw to join him in his private box for a match. Strictly limited to 1,000 pledgers, so be quick!

£200 or more

0 of 600 claimed

£200 Reward

DONCASTER ROVERS MASCOT. Be a mascot for the day in the 2014-15 season. Go on a pre-match tour of the ground, then walk out with the players at kick-off and be a guest of the club for the match. If Louis is at the game you'll get the chance to meet him in person, get something signed and grab a selfie! Due to his busy schedule he won't be able to appear at every game. Probably more suitable for children! Limited availability, so don't miss out. Please note travel and expenses are not included in this reward, and are the pledger’s responsibility.

£250 or more

55 of 500 claimed

£250 Reward

GRAB A SELFIE WITH LOUIS. Meet Louis before a game at the Keepmoat Stadium and grab a selfie with him, then settle down to enjoy the match, matchday ticket included. Come on Rovers!

£300 or more

0 of 300 claimed

£300 Reward

DONCASTER ROVERS FREE-KICK CHALLENGE. Take part in the Doncaster Rovers free-kick challenge during half-time of a Doncaster Rovers' home match. In return for your pledge you will be invited alongside nine others to take a 20-yard free-kick with only the 'Doncaster Rovers' defensive wall and the reserve goalkeeper to beat. If you rise to the challenge you will win yourself a signed Doncaster Rovers shirt (by Louis, players and management). When Louis is in attendance, he will don the gloves.

£500 or more

0 of 250 claimed

£500 Reward

YOU, LOUIS AND THE DONCASTER SQUAD PHOTO. You, your family or your business can line-up in the centre of the 2014-15 squad picture alongside Louis, when it is taken at the Keepmoat Stadium before the season gets underway.

£1,000 or more

0 of 20 claimed

£1,000 Reward

TAKE ON DONCASTER ROVERS. Pull together a team to face the Doncaster Rovers Reserves in return for your kind pledge of support! Pit your skills against the Donny second string in a 30-minute each way match at the Keepmoat Stadium. Please note travel and expenses are not included in this reward, and are the pledger’s responsibility.

£10,000 or more

0 of 0 claimed

£10,000 Reward

FIVE-A-SIDE TOURNAMENT WITH LOUIS. You, or your business, can enter a team at an exclusive five-a-side tournament at the Keepmoat Stadium. Louis and his celebrity pals will enter teams to compete so you could be going toe-to-toe against the stars! Please note travel and expenses are not included in this reward, and are the pledger’s responsibility.

£12,000 or more

0 of 0 claimed

£12,000 Reward

VIP BOX AT THE KEEPMOAT STADIUM WITH LOUIS. For your very generous pledge, you and 11 friends will get the VIP treatment at a private box at the Keepmoat Stadium for a match in the 2014-15 season when Louis is there. Before the game starts, Louis will join you in the box for a ten-minute chat and a chance to get pictures and autographs. Please note travel and expenses are not included in this reward, and are the pledger’s responsibility.

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