trundl: Make everyday walks count for UK charities

by trundl - do good for UK charities with every walk in United Kingdom

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trundl: We're on a mission to spread the word to 2000 new supporters. Can you help so we can donate even more to our hardworking UK cause

by trundl - do good for UK charities with every walk in United Kingdom

Welcome to trundl: It’s a walk. But better  🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️🐶

1707405094_trundl-walking-app-montage-of-photos-outdoors-in-uk.jpgtrundl's founder:
I'm Hil, the founder of trundl. Back in 2021, I set out on a journey to create a special business from my Cheshire base, together with a fantastic team spread across the UK from Essex, with Tess my co-founder to our genius app developers in Scotland.
Why start trundl? Walking has always been my passion, but it took a life-changing turn in my health that made trundl into a reality from an idea that I'd dreamed of for nearly 20 years.

Our vision is simple yet purposeful: to create a welcoming, active membership, centred around an app that redefines the way we walk. Instead of making you compete against leader-boards, trundl motivates you to walk for a good cause any day of the week. Each step you take with trundl generates donations to UK charities, effortlessly transforming your daily strolls into acts of social good. All without you having to raise the funds because we give at least 30% of our membership fee  - not just profit - to the charities! 

To create a unique business like trundl was a bold move and at 56,  it has been a personal and financial leap of faith. Yet, I strongly believe in leaving behind more than footprints.

"trundl isn't just about what we do now; it's about the legacy we can all build for the future together. With your support, trundl can continue making a positive impact for years to come, empowering countless lives and supporting people and nature with every step".


So I'm proud to say we have validated the concept. We have a uniquely friendly app, powered by a growing group of like minded people who love feeling motivated to walk more and turn any outdoor walk into donations.
Membership costs £3.99 per month for individuals and £3.33 + vat for businesses. Our crowd funding rewards build on this membership.

Together we have already achieved:
Donations of just over 🌟 £18,300

More than 🚶🏽‍♀️122,000 kms of walks tracked through the app

🍎 Funding of three orchards soon to be planted in UK schools with The Tree Council thanks to our CO2 saving initiative.

Now that we've proved the concept, we want to inspire many more people to join in and feel great by supporting not just their health but our UK charities with their everyday walks.

Our frustration is that, in order to donate more, we need to grow fast.  We are incredibly lean in our running costs, but in such a busy world, getting the trundl story out there requires more funding.  

Your help is not about boosting our wages, that bit is covered. It's about giving us the marketing tools to attract both individual and business members and helping us spread the word faster. 

Could our crowd funding project make a nice gift for someone you know for a birthday? Or perhaps it can help to boost someone's activity levels or help someone through re-hab or recovery?  We know already that we inspire families with kids to press GO on the hedgehog and walk more often - could you pass this on to someone who you know would love to get involved?

If we can spread the word this is what we start to achieve below:

Our first goal is to reach 5,000 members so that we can all make a massive impact on our UK charity causes that have so far included:
🐶 Dogs for Autism 
🌄 National Parks Foundation 
❤  MOVE Against Cancer Charity 
🚶🏿‍♀️  The Ramblers 
🌳 The Tree Council 
🥗 The Trussell Trust 
💚 Country Trust 
     The Hedgehog Preservation Society🦔

One of our lovely members was so excited about trundling, she made a crochet version of our 'Bundl' brand icon and he is now off on his 'Where is Bundl?' travels around the UK to raise awareness of our mission!

What's next? Please help us to spread the word and get to that donation goal.

Hil’s vision: To make an impact with every step you take

I'm the one in the photos above.
Inspired by some personal health set backs and a lifelong wish to build a genuinely purposeful business, I am on a mission to transform charity giving, while also giving people the motivation to boost their own mental and physical health and help leave our environment in better shape too.
Read more about Hil’s story here

The story to date: Building growth with purpose

trundl has been continually developed and improved since our first tests in 2021 and is so much more than a piece of tech . Through word of mouth and a lot of hard work by the trundl team, we have surpassed 1300 downloads of our cheerful, easy-to-use app and have built a lovely community of like-minded individuals, companies, brands and charities. 

With a simple £3.99 a month membership, our trundlrs feel proud to support a number of causes on a daily basis without the need to set up extra direct debits themselves. trundl donates a minimum of 30% of our income to our many charity partners and guest charities. To fit with our active and outdoor mission, these are all mobility, physical and mental health and nature-related causes  and we have already given away more than £18,300. 


Community: Our driving force and why your help matters

trundling is not just a matter of donations, it’s all about creating a lovely and rewarding community. We aim to deliver a real win-win-win for everyone involved. 

1711064043_mobile_phone_screens_.pngOur members feel motivated by the collective walking goal set on the app's ‘trundl-ometer’ to go out walking regularly and meet the donation goals. They can also add to our collective CO2 saving goal by walking instead of driving. This will help fund the planting of orchards in schools, inspiring children in their communities. And UK brand partners bring offers to members and help top up the donation fund. This is all adds up to what we call our Go, Give, Get Rewarded’ promise

By teaming up with trundl in this crowdfunding campaign, you can help us increase our big-hearted community with more like-minded individuals.  Your contributions will really help:

-   Boost the charity donation fund so that members feel really motivated to walk and smash the collective donation targets.

- Reach and talk to more individuals and companies. The cost of traditional advertising is so high, but with your help we can reach more people with new social media campaigns and eye-catching initiatives. We can then re-invest those gains, helping us reach that all important 5000 member target.

- To keep the membership price affordable at under £4 a month, or no more than a ‘posh cuppa’ as one member described it. 

By helping us to grow, here is the difference that we can make together:
Here's what we can achieve:

🌟 2000 members would allow us to donate more than £2,300 a month, EVERY month.   For just one month, this could buy a new puppy for Dogs for Autism or fund the training of 40 National Park volunteers across the UK or help The Trussell Trust support their food bank initiatives.

💚 3000 members would allow us to donate over £3,500 per month.  Just 1 month of such donations could fund the planting of 10 UK school orchards with the Tree Council or fund a whole year of monitoring and inspection of the vital Sussex kelp forests that absorb CO2.

🎉 5000 members would allow us to donate a minimum of £6,000 each month. In just one month alone, this could support 10 young people through the MOVE Against Cancer personalised training programme AND help the Ramblers save vital national footpaths that are under threat of closure.

Can you see why we’re excited about the power of one multiplied many times and how we can make a real impact together, simply by walking?


Support a home-grown start up

Occasionally we’re asked ‘why can’t the app be free’?  There are lots of apparently ‘free’ apps around, but inevitably these have to be funded somehow – either by advertising, selling data or ‘payment creep’ as features start to be priced in.

We don’t do any of the above.  We focus upon delivering a cheerful, healthy and rewarding trundl membership experience and donating as much of our revenue as we can. At the same time, we work hard to build our list of partners so that our members can redeem tangible value through offers and instead of charging an advertising fee our brand partners help by donating even more.

1707412857_20230723_120648.jpgThis all takes real humans and a lot of personal financial investment. We’re a fully UK-based team, headed up by two female entrepreneurs who have at least 70 years of highly compatible business experience and success between us. Your support will mean the world to us. Working  ridiculously long hours, seven days a week, to bring the vision of trundl to life we now need a helping hand to make trundl the force for good it can be.

Together We Thrive

trundl brings people, charities, companies and brands together in a big hearted community that creates a positive impact on personal health and on people and places in need.    

And last but not least, here's a preview of just some of the lovely trundl merch you can purchase to help support our campaign along with GIFT vouchers to help us spread the word and raise more money for our charities.



1716967084_gift_certificate_-_how_to_register_as_a_trundlr_.pngHere's our gift certificate, your unique code will be attached to the certificate and the easy instructions mean anyone can join in, young and old and there is always a UK team on hand to help if necessary.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

10 of 2000 claimed

1 month subscription and your name in lights

1. Try a month of trundling 2. Get your name in lights on our supports board on our website. 3. See the impact you can have on the app. We will send you your trundl invite complete with log in details and unique promotion code. Then download the app, join in and start making good things happen. If this is a gift no problem we can send you an electronic gift certificate to pass on to your friends and family.

£10 or more

Meet Hil and the team for a Zoom get together.

Meet the team and ask your questions. Get the behind-the-scenes story of what it has taken to develop trundl and the vision for the future. Who knows, being part of this on-line meet up could be the making of a new household name, we won't walk... we'll all trundl.

£15 or more

3 months of trundling and your name in lights

A 3 month subscription means you really kickstart your health and start to see the magic that can happen when you trundl. You'll be supporting at least 5 charities in that time and you'll get your name in lights on our trundl Support web board. We can provide an electronic gift certificate for you too .

£29 or more

6 Months of trundling and your name in lights

6 amazing months of healthy, rewarding trundling 2. See the impact you can have on the app – in this time you can join at least 10 fundraising trundls and really establish your walking habit. 3. Get your name in lights on our website Hall of Fame. 4. Join in on-line to meet Hil and the team to learn more about trundl from the inside. We’ll send you a trundl gift certificate. Complete with unique promotion code. Download the app and get started.

£30 or more

1 of 50 claimed

trundl supporter t-shirt (Adult)

Enjoy wearing a quality cotton, trundl t-shirt and know that you’ll also be spreading the word in a stylish way. You can choose from various colours and designs – some examples are at the bottom of this page. We will send you details on how to choose your trundl t-shirt at soon as the crowd fund campaign has finished at the end of June. PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN ONLY SUPPORT UK POSTAL DELIVERIES.

£40 or more

0 of 100 claimed

Put down the dishes t-towel /+ 3 month membership

Be cheered or cheer someone else with a "Put down the dishes and trundl instead" exclusive t-towel. Plus a 3-month subscription as a gift for you or a loved one. You can see the t-towel design at the bottom of our funding page - Made from certified organic cotton. PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN ONLY SUPPORT UK POSTAL DELIVERIES.

£45 or more

1 of 250 claimed

12 months of trundling for you or a loved one

A year of trundling really does make a difference. It's the woohoo of the trundl world and a sure-fire way to embed a healthy and rewarding waling habit. Based on average trundling, in that time you could walk at least 510 kms, save at least 15kg of CO2 by walking than driving on short trips and help us donate funds to at least 10 different UK causes! All without you having to raise any extra funds yourself.

£75 or more

0 of 20 claimed

90 Minute business brain stormer

The business brain stormer - with over 100 years business experience between them in marketing, sales, ops and launching start ups, ask Hil and the team anything you like and get a brainstorming session which could just unearth some hidden gems with new perspectives for your business, your new idea or your new project. Happy to sign NDA's if applicable. That might well be THE BEST £75 you have ever spent.

£80 or more

6 months of trundling & £50 to your chosen charity

Get your name and one of our charity partners in lights on our supporter board on the trundl website and 6 months of trundling for a loved one. You can choose from our charities which are listed on our main project supporter page and will be displayed after purchase of this reward.

£99 or more

1 of 50 claimed

12-month subscription, trundl t-shirt and Q&A zoom

A year of trundling benefits for you or a loved one. Sport your trundl t-shirt with pride. Take part in a special Q&A on Zoom where you get to meet Hil in a small group (maximum of 10 per group) and ask all the questions about trundl’s origins and workings you’ve always wanted to ask. We’ll contact you with 12-month free promo code, send your t-shirt and dates for Zoom once purchased. PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN ONLY SUPPORT UK POSTAL DELIVERIES.

£199 or more

1 of 20 claimed

12-month membership, trundl goodie bag & Q&A

With a year’s membership you'll not only be boosting your – or a loved one’s – health and supporting our UK charities. You’ll also support our offer partners from the app when we will fill your goody bag with eco-friendly, quality gifts and trundl merchandise too. The goody bag has an RRP of over £100, plus a Zoom or Teams group meet up with Hil and trundl, we think this is a top reward for your generous support. WE CAN ONLY POST OUT IN UK

£400 or more

0 of 5 claimed

trundl photo shoot for two people & lunch with Hil

Spend a few hours in the Cheshire/Derbyshire countryside with Hil and a professional photographer, with lunch at a local pub on us. Perfect for promoting your own socials as a trundl member if you have a business or just as a good excuse for a nice day out doing something a bit different. Dates and times to be arranged to suit from the end of June onwards throughout 2024. Lunch - to the value of £50 per person. Max of two people per pledge.

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