Warden Park Academy's tree planting project

by Tree Action UK in Hove, England, United Kingdom

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To organise tree planting projects for students within UK schools and colleges. This 2nd project will be for Warden Park Secondary Academy.

by Tree Action UK in Hove, England, United Kingdom

Tree delivery and planting at Warden Park Academy, November 2021

Hello Everyone, 

As many of you will already know with the help of students volunteers and supporters we have finally acquired and planted the majority of trees as detailed in the plan for the school grounds. On the 19th the November the students were out in force under the guidance of Mr Ben Woods moving potted trees into position, as well as mulch, posts and tree tries into place ready for the planting. Many students then got straight to work planting the silver birches and lime trees on the school grounds. One of the students, Caleb Mohammed wrote a review about his experience which you can read on our blog page here: https://treeactionuk.org/caleb-mohammed-a-student-of-warden-park-academy-writes-a-review-on-the-tree-planting-event/https://treeactionuk.org/caleb-mohammed-a-student-of-warden-park-academy-writes-a-review-on-the-tree-planting-event/ 


It was a great effort by all the students, and I noted how one student came to the realisation that the pear trees would actually grow real pears! Connecting students with how the natural world works so they can be our eco-ambassodors of the future is vital work. 

Almost all the fruit trees were planted with the help of some of the projects tree Sponsors who were able to plant their dedicated trees on 20th November .These included 94 year old Mrs Ernestine ‘Tina’ Owens who has been an active supporter of the Cuckfield community for many years. She is an avid gardener and her son went to the school in the 1960’s. A TreeAction Certificate of Dedication and the Cherry tree Tina chose on site were a present from her grandson, Gary Owens. Below are some photos of the cherry, pear and apple tree planting taken on that day.





We realised a week in advance that there was a fairly high risk of deer wandering onto the site and eating the fruit trees, so we also ordered a 6ft deer fence to be erected around all the fruit trees which Ben and some of the students were involved in putting up. These could in time be converted into individual tree guards if and when the school decide to do this. They can then be removed after a few years.  

A few of the hazel and beech trees remain to be planted and this will be co-ordinated by Ben Woods and the students.

The next steps are the ongoing  maintenance of the trees to ensure they are well established i.e. weeding, watering , mulching, and I am sending a draft maintenance plan to Ben. The idea is that the students can get as involved in this as much as possible, giving them opportunities to connect with and take responsibility for their local environment as part of their school week. 

Some of you also ordered " Tea and Cake and Tour of the Tree Planting Sites" as one of the crowdfunding rewards and you have not been forgotten! We will confirm with you directly the date for this event once agreed with the school.

I'd like to mention we are looking for regular supporters for TreeAction so we can deliver tree planting and maintenance projects for other schools in Sussex. I am increasingly made aware the schools do not have the time or resources to develop tree planting and outdoor learning opportunities for students and need support. If you are able to support our work in any way or have any questions about future projects please contact me directly - [email protected]  Anyone can set up a regular or one-off donation via the website at : https://treeactionuk.org/donate/

Thanks again to all of you for helping to make this project happen, for the students and the environment, and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year! 

Best wishes, 

Ricky Purnell


TreeAction UK CIC

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Sponsor a Tree in the School

Sponsor a Tree - Have a tree in a school named after someone or after your business. You will also receive a certificate of dedication designed by the students, a photo of your tree, and a map showing its location in relation to the others. The tree will be a likely be a young 3-4 year old, about 1.5 - 2 meters in height, planted, fertilized and supported with guard or other suitable protection from deer and rabbits.

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Get a student designed thank you card

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Tea and Cake and a tour of tree planting sites

Get a tour of the school grounds seeing what work is being done and in progress, what trees are planned, where and why, with tea and cake provided after. Meet other tree lovers ! There will be several dates and times and you will be sent details to select a time.

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Adopt a young Oak Tree

There are a large number of young Oak Trees , around 1 - 3 ft in height, in the allotment area at Warden Park some will be transplanted, but others will have to be removed to make way for the new outdoor learning space in the allotment area and will need a new home! We can provide you with a young oak , potted and ready to be collected by you during one of the tree planting event days.

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Plant a Tree on the School Grounds

Attend one of the tree planting days, learn how to plant a tree then plant one tree on the school grounds , supervised by an expert. Tea and cake after to celebrate your achievement!

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"We Help Tree Action"logo use and event invitation

If you are a business we can give your company use of our special " We Help Tree Action to Plant Trees"logo for your website showing your corporate social responsibility credentials and at least one of your team will be invited to one of the school planting days to plant one of the trees with a specialist on hand to show you how its done!

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Sponsor the Tree Planting Event Day

Sponsor a whole Tree Planting Event day - Have the whole tree planting event day at a school or college named after you, someone you love, or your business as a Sponsor of the day, mentioned at the school, and promoted as such on media channels, as well as use of the "We Help Tree Action to Plant Trees" Logo and invitation to plant a tree on the day.

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Sponsor an Avenue or group of Fruit Trees

An avenue or group of approximately 10 fruit trees will be named after you or after your business. The school will always refer to the trees as the "Your Name " Trees. By arrangement we can arrange a special plaque or badge with your name. Also includes use of "We Help Tree Action to Plant Trees" logo and invite to a tree planting event to plant one of the trees.

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